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July 2021 Leo Horoscope

Your golden mane of lustered strands will glisten in the light everywhere the Lion steps in July. During Leo’s stay in Cancer’s home, the Lion will call attention to their spirit by focusing on their looks and communication skills. The zodiacs surrounding Leo may confuse them for the charismatic and idealistic Gemini, but Leo is simply using any tools necessary to extract the attention they seek. The communicative tendencies of Mercury will certainly be your focal point when in the middle of a discussion. Although we all know Leo has qualities that no other zodiac can duplicate, adopting influences from other sources doesn’t do the attention-garnishing Leo any harm either. During your stay in the 4th house, expect to reinvent your persona while at the same time initiating your pride.

Prepare yourself to reach the finish line Leo, July will develop you to be an incredibly fierce Lion for your upcoming astrological season.

The lion is preparing its soul for their ceremonious season during their life in Cancer, shedding this last year’s coat for the upcoming cycle of time. Every cycle for the Lion brings new accomplishments and relationships, so change is a crucial nutrient in the art of self-fulfillment for Leo. When the Last Quarter Moon rises on the first day of July, Leo will look within their spirit to find exactly what they’ve been missing, what they’ve been hoarding, and what they need to finally let go. The Last Quarter Moon is a crucial time for Leo, for the Lion is a self-conscious being that takes meticulous care of their ego. How have you failed in the past year Leo? Who have you hurt or who are you letting take advantage (if that’s possible)? King of the savannah, you must face your issues head-on and use the characteristic of courage to fuel your body during this moon phase. You have to commit to positive change and not repeat old mistakes in your next yearly cycle.

Pallas, daughter of grandiose and masculine Jupiter, will enter retrograde on the 14th. Pallas is sometimes capable of being a delicate celestial body. She is seen as the “daughter”, an intuitive cosmic entity that wants to discover and create. Pallas represents relationships and child-like wonder. For Leo, it transcends them into a time of warmth and familial connections. It is important for the Lion to break down their leadership on occasion and confide in their pride for comfort and Pallas’ Retrograde can introduce you to time with family. This is understandably uncomfortable for the Lion, for vulnerability is not a strong-suit for Leo. The issue with Leo and vulnerability is that it can bring out immaturity from the baby lion cub deep inside. Yes, just how the Lion walks with his confident stride as the king of the palace, they also fear and acquire feelings of jealousy and inferiority. This is why Leo adores those who build their ego, it allows them to forget these feelings of inadequacy and remain the mature and grounded Lion that they want the world to think of them as. Leo, spend time with those who love you and will boost your confidence.

Once you gain the assurance from close loved ones, you will be ready to experience yourself in your full majestic glory. The Sun will enter your home on the 22nd, bringing you all the feelings of grandiose awesomeness that Leo is known for. Leo, the confident and intelligent Lion is simply amazing at everything! Where they say a jack of all trades but a master of none, Leo does not recognize. The Lion is truly capable of doing everything the best. You can almost taste your season for it’s right around the corner! Remember Leo, the remnants of emotional Cancer are still in abundance. Self-love is also very important right now and when you realize that you are your #1 cheerleader (not like you need to be, you attract an abundance of lovers and friends and haters) you’ll spoil yourself with compliments in the mirror. This is a time where your skin is going to be glowing, your hair thick and luscious, your appetite large, and your charisma at its best. But if having you in your prime isn’t enough, just wait until Mercury enters Leo.

Mercury. The planet of communication and creativity is a rapidly moving planet and its energy is about thinking and manifesting. When Mercury enters the home of Leo on the 27th, it can be a combination so perfect that other zodiacs will automatically devote themselves to the hypnotization of Leo. Leo is one of the most confident signs, so when they feel like their linguistics flow articulately and their creative minds are fluttering, they take over the world. This is definitely the time to do the one thing your physical body has been holding back on. Not only will you be at your physical prime (you look good, you feel good) but you will also be at your mental prime, being able to discuss topics like a cultured scholar and make giggles erupt from your equals like an award-winning stand-up comedian. You will be so magnetic that you will attract masses, so perhaps take this time to start a business that is heavily represented by your brand! People can feel your energy radiate amongst them like the beams of the Sun and are willing to have a part of its shine at any cost.

And with that climbing of persona, you will find yourself at the door of your house. Are you ready to go inside? There are people waiting for you in there, hiding under the furniture and they plan to surprise you. Are you ready for your party, your time? It is important to realize that the connections you’ve made this past month, spiritual or physical, all become part of your greater being. Those people ready to celebrate the party with you can come and go, but your spirit will always stay. It is important to continue to groom, analyze, and love yourself.

Leo, Cancer’s home is the studio where you get ready for your big night. It is important to thank your stylist and your team, your fans and your family, and most importantly yourself for working so hard. August will be a thriving month for you if you embrace all the beautiful emotions that July can bring.

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