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March 2021 Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius, this month starts out with some heavy topics while the Sun is in Pisces, but when the Sun moves into Aries on March 20th, get ready for fun! Aries, in the 5th House, paired up with your fiery nature is a recipe for good things.

March begins with the Sun in Pisces in your solar 4th House. Your focus will be on home, both physical and emotional. Introspective, sensitive, compassionate Pisces will help you think and feel deeply about these matters. Lean into this to get your home to a place where you feel comfortable. With the Sun stationed here, you will likely be thinking about how your home meshes with your concept of who you are. Get clear on what you want and remake your space. If your focus tends toward the emotional, work on finding peace of mind.

Mercury is in Aquarius in your solar 3rd House at the beginning of the month. This combination of sociable Mercury with intellectual Aquarius and your 3rd House is harmonious. In matters of neighbors, distant relatives, short trips, and communication you can put Aquarius originality to use. Mercury will lend curiosity and cleverness to your communication style in 3rd House matters. Take this opportunity to be forward-thinking.

Venus starts the month off in Pisces in your solar 4th House. Use this time to get into your feelings around matters that have to do with your physical and emotional home. Use your imagination and gentleness to your advantage to get your home to a place that you love. Make it a place you really enjoy occupying, whether this is your physical home or your emotional safe space.

Mars is in Taurus for just a few more days in your solar 6th House. Take this time to get plans laid in relation to your daily work and health. Mars in Taurus will give you persistent energy and a dose of determination. You might also have an easier time gaining possessions or making money. Enjoy these last few days to get things sorted out and set in place.

On March 4th, Mars enters Gemini in your solar 7th House. You will likely have a lot of energy to communicate and engage with matters relating to your 7th House: marriage, business partnerships, and even relationships with open enemies. Use your energy to communicate persuasively and with charisma. Mars in Gemini will give you a boost of charm, so use it to your advantage during this time. Make that business deal. Go the extra mile for your anniversary date. Whatever it happens to be, you’ll have the energy you need to make it work.

Mercury will conjunct your ruling planet, Jupiter, on March 5th. This will make you feel more intelligent and hopeful. It might also give you a boost of generosity toward other people.

On March 13th, the New Moon in Pisces will fall in your solar 4th House. The New Moon is a good time to start fresh. In this case, you will likely be getting into your feelings and delving into how you feel at home, whether that is your physical or emotional home. Pisces is imaginative, so you will have some creativity helping you along. Pisces influence might make you somewhat indecisive, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make concrete decisions. Just take the time to look at things in a new light and make some plans.

Mercury enters Pisces in the solar 4th House on March 15th. Use your natural intelligence and intuition to come to conclusions regarding matters of your 4th House. Make plans for your physical and emotional home.

The Sun enters Aries in your solar 5th House on March 20th, officially marking the beginning of another astrological year. This is a time of year when you can have some fun. With the focus in your 5th House, get creative, find the joy in your everyday life, and let your generosity flow out from you. You might feel particularly brave and want to take charge with the Sun soaking up Aries’ influence.

On March 21st, Venus enters Aries in the solar 5th House. Venus’ influence will bring passion and beauty to matters of your 5th House such as fun, joy, creativity, and generosity. Let your love for others flourish easily during this time. You might be more impulsive than usual with Venus in Aries, but it will be directed toward matters of the 5th House.

Mars will trine Saturn on March 22nd. This will give you a boost of endurance and it will allow you to achieve whatever you put in the work for. Work hard and this aspect will help you out.

The month wraps up with the Full Moon in Libra in your 11th House. You will be more charming and charismatic when it comes to your friends and long-term wishes or dreams. Use this time to see things that were not easy to perceive before. The Full Moon illuminates, so it should help you out in matters of the 11th House. With Libra at your back, you’ll be able to be more diplomatic than normal as well. Make peace with your friends or find out something new about one of your wishes.

Overall, this month will start out in a fairly introspective place, but when the Sun moves into Aries, it will open the doors for fun.

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