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May 2021 Leo Horoscope

Taurus season may be the bull’s territory, but it’s still the lion’s jungle. The bold, the best, the admired; Leo is the sign that attracts all the other celestial zodiacs around its Sun. My prideful lion, this month brings new soulmates into your life and connects you with bonds that will last you a lifetime. The lion will feel confident with their newly acquired circle and the refreshing surroundings will bring out an enthusiastic version of the sun-ruled Leo. Although the king of the savannah, Leo can still be easily influenced when living as the cub. Therefore, it is important for Leo to make friendships that will serve them in the future without taking them down a path their righteousness cannot follow.

The Last Quarter Moon will hail over the hemispheres on the 3rd day of May, bringing in a plethora of strong renewable energy and influence. In every aspect of your life, you will find there is something that can be improved. Perhaps it’s your studying habits or your morning routine. You might find a desire to revamp your fashion style or begin focusing on your growing lions’ mane. The Last Quarter Moon is meant to transform the juvenile lion cub into the king Leo they are destined to be. So where should Leo begin this journey of personal fulfillment? The confident and brave lion must begin within their own den. Leos are not known for their organization, so that is definitely a place to start improvements. Set up a routine, buy an alarm clock, label your items. Being the king requires responsibility and if the juvenile cub has any hopes of taking the crown, they must develop control. Although some zodiacs will view a home organization as unnecessary, the lion’s den is their most sacred place.

For Leo, everything begins at home!

Once Leo’s home is organized and their home-base is balanced, they are ready to conquer the rest of the land. This is perfectly timed with the planetary movement of Mercury entering Gemini on the 3rd. When Mercury enters Gemini it creates an energy of communication and creativity. Leo, this is the tool that will allow you to set in motion your ambitions for the rest of the year. The lion must learn to grasp this sense of communication and use it to the best of their abilities. Mercury in Gemini will allow you to speak with an eloquent tongue that will mesmerize those who surround you. This is crucial for the lion if they want to build a new group of followers (ahem…I mean friends).

Leo, during Mercury’s stay in Gemini it is imperative that you jot down and save all the wondrous ideologies that develop in your curious brain. Mercury is a planet of rapid thinking, therefore, expect for several creative avenues to open inside your subconscious and develop your confidence! Leo is a natural ruler who requires all the surrounding attention. Their arrogance (it’s the truth) combined with a mind of rapid ideas will allow them to debate philosophies and attract other zodiacs with their know-how. Leo, as bold as you are, you do not sweat the details. This means that you can sometimes ramble about topics without knowing hard facts. Do not allow for minor discrepancies to get overlooked. You’re building new friendships and in-turn credibility. Because you view the world as a big picture during Mercury’s stay in Gemini, your ideas can become over-generalized and maybe even forgotten. Time for a mini pocketbook!

On the 5th day of May, Jupiter quintiles Uranus meaning Leo will begin to place their ideologies into practice. This will attract many new adventures into Leo’s days due to the experimentation and exploration you’re yearning to experience. Society will be drawn to Leo’s natural confidence when speaking and be dazzled by your adventure-tales. Expect to make many new connections. Those who you meet in May will become part of your pride.

I must warn Leo that Mercury in Gemini causes the body to accelerate. With Jupiter quintile Uranus, it creates a combination of rapid action. Do not let your momentum drive you to the wrong people. You need loyal subjects in your pride.

Another moon phase, the First Quarter Moon, will hover over the sky on the 19th. This period will aid in establishing what role you’re going to take in your new pride. You’re setting new expectations that require responsibility. Are you going to be the king lion that rules their pride? The juvenile lion that falls under their own arrogance? Or the cub who is childish and emotionally out of control? Leo is versatile and their confidence will allow them to be who they want to be.

At the end of May, the confident and bright Leo will be faced with many uncertainties, questioning the loyalty of their newfound pride. The events that will touch the mechanisms of Leo’s personality are Saturn’s Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde. Saturn's Retrograde beginning on the 23rd will cause your momentum to lose speed and your ideas will begin to seem boring. The novelty and excitement from the rush of creativity will die down along with your belief in them. Please don't stop believing in your magnificent mental creations, Leo. You’re a natural-born leader whose decisions are based on honesty and loyalty.

When Mercury goes into retrograde on the 27th, prepare your energetic body to spend a lot of nights indoors. Your sense of communication will be gone and your creativity will be mute. The energetic and spunky lion will still be there, but friends will notice the difference in the way you speak and think. Some might ask if you’re okay, but don’t give into too much conversation. It’s best to stay indoors until the energy of Mercury’s Retrograde isn’t as strong. Don’t let this get to you Leo, Mercury Retrograde is at its strongest in the first few days, but its energy always goes down a slope.

I hope you jotted your ideas down, they will serve your kingdom for a lifetime. The lion is a capable and competent zodiac, but their arrogance can lead them down into the trenches. As long as you remain loyal to your inner truths, the members of your pride will respect and adore you.

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