April 2022 Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 2022 Taurus Horoscope

April is a month for advancements, but those won't come very easy for Taurus. This is mainly attributed to the Mars and Saturn transit through your 10th house this month, making career advancements challenging to manage. However, with Jupiter and Venus transiting through your place of friends, you'll have a solid community to rely on when things get a little complicated. But we'll get to that later.

First, we have to tackle the New Moon this month happening in your 12th house. While this New Moon screams of beginnings, it's happening in one of the more difficult houses on your chart. The 12 house is the place of loss, and for that reason, some of these new beginnings might be the result of a missed opportunity. Still, Taurus' 12th house is also where the Sun is exalted, and every lunation always involves the Sun. In which case, if the month starts in grief in some way, know that whatever was lost had to split ways with you so you can make space for something new. You can even think of 12th place as the place of non-attachment.

Now that we have the foundation of the month covered let's get back to the Saturn and Mars situation.

So, this is happening in your 10th house of career and reputation. And especially for those who are around 28-30 or fit the specific ages of 21, 33, 45 and 57, you might've noticed some significant trials as far as being active and realizing your bigger goals go. The bad news is that this transit is the peak challenging point in whatever ordeal you've been dealing with, starting around your last birthday. Understandably, this might be the last thing you want to hear about this situation, but the only reason I bring this up is to point to possible solutions.

As much as Mars and Saturn are joining forces this month in the most annoying way possible, this won't last very long. The conjunction only happens for a few days after the 4th, and then towards the end of the month, Mars will leave your 10th house altogether. This is great for the Taurians born during the day, as Mars tends to be more challenging for day births. Also, when Mars leaves your place of career, it joins the places of friends in the company of Jupiter and Venus. The two benefits have the power to soothe Mars considerably, and so once he moves there towards the end of the month, you can expect the martial drive to put this to good use. Now, what these astrological ramblings mean is that since we're talking about the place of friends, you want to keep your allies as close as possible. If the Saturn and Mars combo causes any nasty gossip to be thrown around about you, or anything that would hinder your career for that matter, they'll be the ones to back you up. This might be a situation that you can't handle on your own, so don't be afraid to call for backup.

Setting that aside for a while, further down the month, on the 16th, we have a Full Moon happening in your 6th house.

Taurus' 6th house is all about balance, and since the 6th house deals with physical health, it might be time for you to start taking your workout routine a bit more seriously. This lunation is ruled by Venus, who, as we've seen, will be quite a substantial help this month. You might find that you just naturally fall into a healthier pattern around that time or are feeling the urge to get back to the gym. And, of course, with a Venus-ruled Moon, we're sure to have a vanity factor here too. The fuel to this newfound urge to get fit and healthier might be entirely for aesthetical purposes, but Venus is the ruler of your sign, after all.

Closing up the month, we have a trine between Mercury, who'll be in your own sign and Pluto, just as he gets ready to go retrograde. This positive transit plays with themes of identity and exploration. With Pluto in your 9th house o foreign things and adventure intensifying your focus on those themes, you might notice that you feel more inspired to do something big and bold towards the end of the month. The fact that this transit only happens for about a day speaks of a break in your usual patterns. Especially as you have Uranus also transiting your 1st with Mercury, this transit could spark spontaneous tattoos, a change in hair colour, or anything that will change how you and others see yourself.

With all that said, it seems like April is a rollercoaster of events. Though ultimately, it ends with an adventure of self-discovery, and a stubborn Taurus sure does benefit from a little change from time to time. Enjoy your month Taurus.

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