January 2022 Cancer Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Cancer Horoscope

Unlike the signs blessed enough to have a good planetary alignment in January 2022, Cancers unfortunately are going to have a rough start to the year. It is going to be a long month full of a painful, uphill battle towards inner growth. While this is going to be a difficult journey for you, you will truly be a stronger person for it. Your lifelong hopes, dreams, and aspirations will face its’ own set of challenges- some of which may be forever changed. Not every dream you have is meant to come to fruition. This will lead to some natural and understandable irritation with life.

Throughout the month of January 2022, the overall transits of Venus and Mercury will set the stage for your experiences in all aspects of your life. These planets are best known for their influence on love and communication respectfully, however, their influence expands into even more aspects of your life during these transits. In particular, it will be a bad time to make large decisions regarding business and finance. You will do well to pay extra attention to the special care required for a healthy bank account. Finances aren’t something you usually focus a lot of your energy on, but your finances will prove to be especially important for the remainder of January.

You are inherently someone who has a lot of strong emotions that you are not afraid to openly express. You are well known for your drive and ambition to succeed. These traits are going to be at the forefront of your personal and professional lives in the first weeks of January 2022. The power of the New Moon in your sign of Cancer will heighten these natural traits. These increased levels of intensity can change your ambition into arrogance and conflict. Mercury’s influence will further elevate any feelings of confusion, increasing tension in your already fraught mind.

Venus will be in retrograde for the majority of the month- causing you a great deal of change to your emotional state. You will go through a roller coaster of emotions in January (thanks to Venus retrograde). It may be tricky for you to understand your emotions on an impactful level, but as the month reaches its’ peak you will be able to achieve a deep understanding of your inner psyche. Despite the challenges you had in achieving this level of inner peace, you will ultimately be grateful for these experiences.

Beginning on January 11th, Mars will transition into Sagittarius, increasing any tension in your personal relationships. This position isn’t known for being incredibly patient and may create some unfortunate effects onto your relationships. You may also feel frazzled within your professional life as well. Things that you were previously comfortable with are now throwing Cancer for a loop. Ultimately, this is an inevitably of life, but one that you are more than prepared to take on.

Once the Sun enters into Aquarius season, the emotional undertakings you have been doing all month will finally be put to use. Along with a change in Sun signs, the general aura around you will become lighter as well. Issues from your past are finally being dealt with thanks to your newfound introspection. You will feel a true sense of inner peace and balance that you have been struggling to find since the New Year 2022 began. Instead of the frustrations, you have encountered throughout the month, it’s important for you to take these lessons with you to ensure that you will maintain these inner levels of peace and balance.

On the final day of January, the Moon will be in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. As the final major planetary transit of the month, this position will set a precedence for the month that follows. This is something you in particular should remember. You are going to finally receive a reprieve from all the difficulties that life has to offer. In short, with the Aquarius Moon squaring the Taurus Uranus- you are finally going to be able to have some. It has really been a long time coming. Your inner odd child and eccentricities are going to be at full force. And for once, you are going to be able to let loose. If people are unable to accept you for who you truly are, then you quite frankly don’t care.

The best part of the freedom this transit brings is that this is just the beginning for you. As February begins with this transit, you will have a much easier time merely living than you had the month before. While this may be another one of life’s pitfalls, it’s still important to remind yourself that there is calm after the storm. It’s a complete cliché, but one that will serve you well to remember.

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