January 2022 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn, you are going to enter the New Year and the month of January sharing yourself with others and being as generous as you possibly can be. Your acts of altruism and overall kindness are going to make you feel really good about yourself. You may feel like a truly good person- something you may not have felt in a very long time. However, try not to focus on how being generous makes you feel. This can quickly lead to personal corruption. You may inadvertently emphasize your own moral weaknesses. When you are feeling a bit mentally overexerted, focusing on physical activity will provide you with some much needed relief. During this time you will also undergo amazing personal and spiritual growth. This will re-inspire you to continue focusing on doing what you love. It may be ambitious for you to do so, but the planets this month are supportive of this with enough dedication.

The transit of the Sun in your own sign will be a rather positive influence for you. You will feel an increased belief in yourself, giving way to higher levels of self-confidence and dedication to independence. This may also prove to be the ideal time to increase your popularity among your peers. The semi-sextile of Mercury will help you facilitate some more progressive or risky ideas. You will be able to have both the initiative and tact to ensure that this task is completed to fruition. You will need to move past the mere ideation of your dreams and enter into action. There need to be some clearly identified and outlined goals for you to achieve. Use the New Moon on January 2nd to draw up these much needed plans. In addition, the tranquility of Mars will aid you in reaching these peaks of progress. Try to limit how much you outwardly express your new goals.

Venus will also be in your sign during the majority of this month. Of course, with Venus in your sign, you find never ending opportunities to find new loves or ways to strengthen old ones. However, don’t put too much pressure on your love life. If you just let everything fall as they may with love, ultimately, things will turn out perfectly for you.

As the month goes on, the need to focus on your creative output becomes increasingly obvious. You really need to focus on art or mastering some sort of way to channel your creativity. The transition of Mercury in January will also continue to manifest itself in your own mental flexibility and effective communication. You will be able to solve a myriad of your own problems by finally utilizing proper and thorough communication. It’s truly amazing how many problems can be resolved by using clear and effective communication.

From January 16th and onwards, it will become apparent that all of your new ideas will take some time to be fully implemented. Everything will turn out beautifully if you just remember to be patient. Executing your ideas has its own process and will work itself out. During this time Venus will also be conducive to helping you influence the opinions of your community. This may turn out to be extremely helpful later on. However, take extra effort to fall into over-emotionality and excess extravagance. Mars will also enter into a half-sextile to Capricorn. This will also increase your ability to inspire trust in others. Your true friendliness and modesty also go a long way with this as well. The Full Moon of Cancer on January 18th will through your emotional stance for a loop. Try to spend more time in relaxing atmospheres and places.

As January comes to an end, Capricorn will be half-sextiled by the Sun (now in Aquarius). Your intuition and mental delicacy will be further emphasized by this transition. In addition, Mercury will continue to influence your flow of information. It will be much easier for you to obtain the proper information for whatever scenario you may find yourself in. This will naturally have a direct hand in your mental state. However, be careful to double check all of your facts. You would hate to accidentally spread any false information.

Venus will also continue to work to increase your attractiveness. You may feel compelled to alter your appearance. This change could take place in a variety of different ways. Regardless of what aesthetic change you make, you will have great fun with it. Put off any more permanent changes until there is a more direct motion of Venus itself. This will provide with more clarity around the situation. On January 25th, feel free to act as freely and boldly as you see fit. Sometimes you just need to let loose a bit. During this time, however, be careful to not estrange your loved ones or cause unnecessary conflicts with partners.

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