January 2022 Libra Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Libra Horoscope

January 2022 will be a month highlighted with an increased appetite for ambition, independence, and courage. Along with this, there will be excessive obsessiveness and daily demands. While it may be easy to avoid dealing with your responsibilities and problems, you will do well to take them head-on. Try not to embrace instances of excessive extravagance, instead focus on your professional ambitions. Make sure you are exerting an effort to work effectively with co-workers. If you take that extra step, your co-workers will truly appreciate it and your work will be all that much better. Take the extra time needed to avoid temptations, unnecessary pressure, and a thorough job. This is especially pertinent under the almost month-long retrograde Venus. You will also do your best to embody your sign-focus on balance in personal and professional areas. Mercury will make this goal easier to achieve. Mercury’s influence will facilitate tact and effective communication.

As January begins, the Sun will be in a tense aspect to Libra. This will create a plethora of difficulties when searching for full self-realization. There will be particular issues around contradicting yourself with others when expressing your needs and opinions. Take extra care to balance your own personal will with the wants, needs, and wishes of those around you. On January 2nd, the New Moon will create a blank slate for you to create your future successes off of. Start planning and executing your dreams for the future. Don’t let reality drag you down too much here - you can accomplish much more than what you give yourself credit for. Within your fiscal and social lives, utilize moderation in as many situations as possible. The square between your Sun and Venus in retrograde creates a risky atmosphere, and you shouldn’t push your luck. It could end very badly if you indulge yourself a little too much.

With Mercury, this planet’s position in the beginning of the month will create a positive aspect with Libra. This will help contribute to an easy flow to thought processes. This particular transit will also create productive negotiations, essential for a successful professional journey. In addition, the presence of Mars in Sagittarius will help give you an additional increase of decisiveness and confidence. Another helpful tool in your professional development. However, as helpful as the positions of Mercury and Mars are- be careful to act rationally. Avoid rushing into any projects within your work life as much as possible.

January is a great month for your professional career. However, Libra should be careful not to overexert yourself with the work. It will do you no good to overcommit to things and provide work that isn’t up to your own personal standards. Take extra time to check in with yourself and make sure to block out time solely dedicated to rest and relaxation.

During the middle of January, there will be an additional focus on intellection and communication. If you have been putting off dealing with past issues, now is the time to address these in full. The reversal of Mercury in the middle of the month will help you handle this. When you are addressing mistakes from your past, avoid making promises you cannot possibly fulfill. While this might feel good when you make this agreement, it will soon turn into regret. Avoid acting lazily during this time as well. To help aid in your problem-solving quest, the trine of Mars will emphasize your mediator skills. However, with the Full Moon on the 18th, emotions will be running high. Avoid making big decisions this day- you will act irrationally and emotionally. You almost always regret any impulsive decisions you make.

The season of Aquarius begins on the 20th of January. The Sun in Aquarius will help you dear Libra to express yourself creatively and through your natural talents. Aquarius will be an especially positive season for you. During the time the Sun is in Aquarius, you will have increased kindness, generosity, enthusiasm, and overall leadership. This will lead to immense amounts of support and praise from your peers. However, you will face some personal hostilities towards the end of the month.

It will be extremely easy for you to become irritated over the smallest thing. The last week of January really just isn’t your week. While it will undoubtedly be difficult to do, avoid letting your emotions get the best of you. Use logic to guide your decisions, not your emotional whims. Focus on what is happening in the moment, instead of what could be. The intensity of Mars at the end of the month will not make this an easy endeavor however. Mars will influence you to act more impulsively and more recklessly than you normally would otherwise. Be careful and selective when choosing your words and commitments. Take your time, there’s no rush at all.

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