January 2022 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Sagittarius Horoscope

With the emergence of the New Year and the start of January, Sagittarius you are going to fully embrace the fresh start that is being provided. You will enter the month will the emergence of a plethora of brand new ideas and chances for you to prove their validity. Your community is well in place to support in these new endeavors of yours. Make sure that you channel your increased diligence and newfound determination to achieve your dreams. A level of work productivity can help you achieve these goals. You will also do well to focus on improving your communication skills and dedicating yourself to growing this particular skillset.

However, when it comes to networking and making new connections through work- you should ease your way into this. You may inadvertently make a social faux pas that can come back to haunt you. Also, avoid overindulging your material wants and needs. This will only lead you to lose the magic in your work. Along with this, be careful to avoid overcommitting yourself to different causes. While you may want to take on more than you can handle, this will lead you to rapid burnout.

The first ten days of January are marked by the transitions of Mercury. The movement(s) of Mercury this month will help you achieve the full potential of your mental processes. Soak up as much information and knowledge during this time as you possibly can. The things you learn here will benefit you for years to come. The Sun in Capricorn will also position itself in a semi-sextile to your own sign, Sagittarius. The position of the Sun to your sign will help improve your sense of flexibility and understanding. On January 2nd, the New Moon will further foster your creativity. You are going to have a flash of inspiration that will serve as a motivation for the remainder of the month.

During this month the aspect of Venus will help you charm your way into the hearts of several different potential romantic partners. Within this endeavor, you shall be extremely successful, to say the least. Don’t be afraid to branch out and flirt with people you may have previously overlooked. You never know where that could take you. In addition, the conjunction of the Sun and Mars will up your assertiveness in both your personal and professional lives. You are not going to be afraid to state your opinion and are more than willing to stand up for what you believe is right. This will also greatly benefit you as you grow within your career field. However, be careful to avoid too much pressure. If you spread yourself a little too thinly, the results will not be pretty for your future.

Towards the middle of the month, you will encounter a nearly overwhelming amount of different events and opportunities. These events will vary greatly and will probably throw you for a bit of a loop. Luckily, Mars will help you to increase your physical stamina- making attending all of these events a true possibility. Whatever may come your way during this time, you are more than capable of handling it. You will also be particularly attracted to the beauty of the world around you. Take some time spent out in nature or in an art museum. You won’t regret slowing down for a minute and appreciating the beauty all around you.

As the middle of January draws nearer you may feel a bit tired of your current work. You may be feeling overworked lately or maybe you just don’t like your work as much as you once did. Regardless, this is the perfect time to dive into some self-exploration. However, put this off until January 16th at the earliest. This is when Mercury will final reverse and will be in a perfect position to support you in this endeavor. Be wary of overusing your energy. Conserve your personal resources until the Full Moon in Cancer on the 18th of January.

At the tail end of the month, you are going to be overcome with a brand new wave of creative inspiration. You are going to feel more ready to lead others into this creative venture than you ever have before. Starting on January 20th, the Sun will sextile your own sign. This is an ideal time to strengthen your personal relationships. On the 26th and onwards, Mercury will facilitate your ability to catch the subconscious actions and motivations of those around you. Along with this Venus’ semi-sextile will improve your standings amongst your peers. Unfortunately, Mars will tempt you into some impulse spending- an especially dangerous activity for you. If you do feel the need or urge to spend money, act with caution. Overall, you will receive the most out of January if you focus on compromise and personal flexibility.

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