March 2022 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

March 2022 Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn has had many astrological actions happening for the past little while, with both Mars and Venus transiting through your 1st house, causing quite the ruckus. This March, these two planets and a few others will be changing signs making the month feel like a fresh start. Reinforcing that idea, we have the New Moon happening right as the month begins on the 2nd. This lunation is happening in your 3rd house of siblings, short-term travel and routine matters. This Moon could be marking a new time for you to connect with your siblings or close friends to bring some jovial joy into your life. The ruler of this lunation is Jupiter, after all, the planet of expansion, generosity and felicity. This lunation will also prove to be excellent for the Capricornian writers, especially the poets, as modern astrologers like to link the 3rd house to the idea of communication and publishing.

Shortly after the New Moon, we have the change mentioned above of signs of both Mars and Venus into your 2nd house. This is the house where Saturn has been transiting through for the past few years in the charts of many Capricornians, which might've put some restrictions on how you spend or earn money. The Venus-Mars combo can make matters somewhat difficult as both these planets love to spend. They may even try to push past Saturn's hold on expenses. This is no reason to be afraid of your financial situation, but it would be wise to set some money aside and resist some of the urges to spend as a means of entertainment. This is also true for the Capricorn's who aren't planning on spending but investing. You may want to think twice before you commit to letting go of large amounts of money.

On the 10th, we also have Mercury changing signs and entering your 3rd house, joining both the Sun and Jupiter. Capricorn's 3rd house is not the most comfortable place for Mercury to reside on. Given this is a house that plays on our ability to express ourselves daily, you may find it difficult to keep a consistent schedule going. The big theme of this transit is trying to find the balance between Jupiter's over-indulgence and Mercury's keen sense of practicality. If your regular schedule seems to not be sustainable at the moment, there's nothing wrong with making some temporary adjustments and allowing space for a creative approach to the tasks in your to-do list. You'll see this becomes even more relevant as we approach the Full Moon of the month happening on the 18th.

The Full Moon will be happening in your 9th house, and so it will oppose Mercury in your 3rd. This opposition is essential because Mercury holds an immense sense of responsibility and dealing with the themes of your 9th house. Those are higher education, spirituality, faith and things outside of your mundane experience of the world. If the New Moon instilled a sense of boundless joy, this Full Moon would ask you to take advantage of that influx of good fortune and turn it into something positive and long-lasting. Since the 9th house deals with spirituality, this may simply set you on a quest to find a sense of gratitude for a higher power, even if you may be somewhat agnostic about who or what God might be.

On the other hand, the 9th and 3rd houses are not just about ethereal and intangible things. Here's also where you find the themes of travel and exploration, so some of you may embark on a journey around that time. This is especially true if you were born during the day and are 20, 32, 45 or 56.

The month comes to a close with a few quite positive conjunctions and the Sun entering his sign of exaltation in your 4th house, bringing all the good vibes possible to your home and family life, especially when it comes to situations regarding your father. If you are a father yourself, this could also be quite positive.

The first conjunction of late March is that of Jupiter and Mercury, which could really aid you in internalizing the bigger discoveries of the lunations we explored earlier. These two planets are related to our higher and lower minds, also known as our spiritual and intellectual side. Take advantage of this transit happening on the 20th to reflect on how far you've gotten. And since this is still happening in your 3rd house, it might even be good to share these experiences with a solid group of friends.

The last conjunction happens a little later on the 28th between Venus and Saturn back in your 2nd house of finances. This transit is quite favourable, and if you took advantage of the earlier advice and saved some money, you could experience some quite positive results here. This is due to Venus' gentle touch that soothes Saturn's restrictive behaviour. This can show up as an opportunity to make more money out of your savings or even as a new project that needs exactly what you saved to be realized. Saturn is proof that patience pays off.

With that in mind, March is an excellent good start. Make wise decisions, and you're sure to make that last.

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