March 2022 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

March 2022 Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius is known as the adventurer of the zodiac. Even though March is quite the positive change in pace, all the Sagittarians might be working in a different environment than the one they prefer. This is mainly attributed to the New Moon of this month falling into the 4th house of your roots, home and family. This Moon is being ruled by Jupiter, the lord of your sign, though it happens in the nocturnal, more introspective Jovial sign. It invites you to do your adventuring within your home and comfort zone. If you were looking forward to adventuring and going out and about, this might be an invitation for you to bring the adventure to your residence and explore sides of it you haven't had the chance to. Especially for those born during the day, this lunation is a good sign for home renovations, moves or even just a pleasant visit to your parent's place. It might be a good chance for you to reconnect with your ancestors or your family's elders to remember what life is really all about: community and union.

As we move forward into the month, though, things get a bit more exciting with Mars and Venus changing signs and entering your 3rd house of close friends and siblings, keeping up with the familial themes. Though, this planetary ingress might be the harbinger of a bit of drama. Especially if you are actually paying a visit to your parents, this could bring up some challenges related to your siblings as Mars is known to cause a little bit of conflict. It's also good to note that Saturn has also been transiting through that same house for the last few years. If you're around 28-30, this could mean that you've already been dealing with difficulties related to these fraternal relationships, and Mars entering that house can be a sign that it's about to escalate. However, let's not jump to catastrophizing right away. Venus is also in this house, and she could provide substantial help and union in that sphere. Her presence is even better if you are a Sagittarius born at night. With that said, don't be afraid to lean in on the Goddesses' power to bring even the most distant of enemies close together. Even if the drama might seem unsolvable at the moment, know that with time and patience, everything will fall into place.

Enough with the bad news, though. The Full Moon of the month happening on the 18th can be just what you need to distract yourself from any sibling nagging that might arise. It happens in your 10th house of career, reputation and action, bringing light to that area. The ruler of this Lunation is Mercury, who will enter your 4th house just a little earlier than the lunation, joining Jupiter and the Sun. While this means that Mercury is opposing the Moon it rules, causing a little bit of a rub between your home and public life, the presence of Jupiter is of substantial help here. This could mean that your home will become a safe haven where you can get organized and think of new ways to tackle your career. Jupiter and Mercury are both planets linked to the idea of thought they're quite different in their approach. Jupiter is about philosophy, the abstract and the realm of dreams, while Mercury is scientific, clinical and overly rational. With them together, we're allowed a holistic perspective. Taking the time to go inward and reflect in the comfort of the place you've built for yourself will yield groundbreaking ideas. So get your notepad ready and get to work.

The month comes to a close with a conjunction between Venus and Saturn in your 3rd house. This conjunction is quite positive and might manifest some peacemaking regarding the same fraternal conflict we mentioned earlier. While next month Mars will also conjoin Saturn, perhaps bringing the dispute to a peak, this earlier conjunction is a massive opportunity to have the harsher conversations that might need to happen a little earlier. Venus can be the help you need to ensure fairness is at the focus of this whole interaction, while Saturn, the God of time himself, adds in the wisdom and space for the topics to be adequately addressed. Sagittarius' 3rd house is all about communication for the sake of the greater good, not just the individual, so exploring these energies without the needing to be right or convince anybody to change their opinion will go a long way. And don't forget, even though Jupiter is not necessarily in this house, it's still helping you out considerably from the area of family, so leaning on parental mediation might also be a good way to deescalate things when necessary. You might find that your father or a fatherly figure is accommodating, considering Saturn represents fathers as a whole. Good luck, Sagittarius, and take it easy. Help is there when you need it.

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