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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility Quote:

Fairytale love among the fairies.

♓ Pisces ♓ Pisces Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: Dreaming, wishing, and hoping, that is.

Watery Pisces Moon is like a meandering river that suddenly turns into a waterfall that crashes to earth. Dreamy, hard to pin down, imaginative, sensitive, psychic, and gentle, two of them together are like two kittens, or two doves cuddling. You know this couple because they look like overgrown children in love. They may not physically be children, but the look in their eyes makes them seem much younger than they really are. They seem to think that the other really, truly understands them. They fritter away their time in silence, watching people go by, making up stories about them. They eat candy for dinner and catch fireflies. They will finish an entire bottle of whiskey while watching the evening news.

These two are two peas in a pod, for better or for worse. There isn't really a same-sign Moon match in the zodiac where they tend to just morph into each other like two candles melting side-by-side. They really become the other. They pick up each other's bad habits. They talk alike. They begin to listen to the same music, develop the same taste in food. It is as if they are slowly turning into one big mutant Pisces Moon that has four arms, four legs, two heads, and no sense of direction. This doesn't bother them, because chances are, their partners in every previous relationship have influenced them. Why not be influenced by someone like you for a change?

They could get married. They may even want to get married. They may have trouble getting their stuff together in order to get married. Weddings are work, and neither one particularly likes to handle details, lists, crowds, and people. It's more likely that they choose to elope, but what they decide on may be unrealistic for their budget. They may want to run off to Paris for a week, but they don't even have enough to take a road trip three hours away. They talk about it, they dream, they plan. And maybe one day, they get something together.

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♓ Pisces ♓ Pisces Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: That is the goal: to not die alone.

Pisces Moons mate for life. No matter how many relationships they have, they mate for life in each one, until suddenly they don't. This relationship could also be subject to a sudden realization that their human, not perfect, and therefore not the man or woman of their dreams. They don't want to die alone, but they also don't want to be with someone who is anything less than whatever their idea of the perfect man or woman is. They have a harder time growing out of this. The good news is that they actually could be the other one's ideal partner. When that happens, all hell breaks loose.

Okay, not really. But what happens is that they overlook each other's flaws, even to a dangerous degree, which can shorten life span. One Pisces Moon may simply ignore the other one's drinking and drug habits, or pretend that the other one isn't depressed. This could lead to one of them being widowed. However, Pisces Moons are ever the saints, and they will sacrifice themselves for the health and happiness of their partners, and they will do this repeatedly.

Now, imagine two people repeatedly sacrificing what they want and need for the wants and needs of the others. Whose to ever say what either of them actually want or need? They certainly don't know.

♓ Pisces ♓ Pisces Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: Like butterflies dancing in a spring garden.

Pisces Moon sex is sweet. It likes sex because this is when it can have the most physically intimate contact with a special person. It wants sex to be as romantic as possible. Pisces Moon puts on lingerie and perfume just for sex. It dresses up the bed. It's probably the only adult who actually puts rose petals on the bed and lights candles at night to light the way to the chamber of love. Foreplay takes hours, with touching, talking, kissing, and cuddling. Pisces Moon cannot enjoy sex unless it knows it can fall asleep in its partner's arms afterward. And yes, Pisces Moon may cry after sex. Actually, sex for Pisces is kind of like the sex scene in a 1980's rock video. There is champagne in an ice bucket, even though they're home, and the bed has one thousand pillows on it.

The problem is that Pisces Moon isn't perfect, but it doesn't want to hear that. It would rather forget about its cellulite, or gray pubes, or that it can hear the neighbors watching television upstairs and apparently, something really funny is on television because they bust out laughing ever three minutes. In its mind, it's perfect, its lover is perfect, and even if it's not, Pisces Moon can create a new lover in its head. So, Pisces Moon can have sex while pretending to have sex with someone else the entire time. When not disappointed or disenchanted, Pisces Moon is an amazing lover who is receptive and moves with the partner. Watching the two of them having sex together would be like watching a ballet. A naked one, where you watch through the window with binoculars. Of course, it's not necessarily hot sex. It's...sweet. And if they don't like it, they'll imagine something else.

♓ Pisces ♓ Pisces How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Be your own person, too, because fairies aren't real.

This couple is comprised of two people who fear being abandoned. They do what they can to avoid being left alone, but in the end, their clingy and desperate behavior can end up with them driving the other away. Granted, it takes a lot to drive Pisces Moon away once it's convinced that it's found The One. Thus, Pisces Moon has a tendency to morph into whatever they think lovers want them to be, never truly being themselves, in order to maintain the relationship. With two of them acting this way, the relationship could be based on a lie, although a benign one.

It is best for these two to remind each other that no matter who they really are, they are still respected. So, if one Pisces Moon confesses that they actually don't like the way the other one makes lasagna, this is okay. This isn't devastating or the end of the relationship. Likewise, the other can say that they don't really like it when the other one blows in their ear or screams "Mommy!" while they orgasm. These two have to actively create a safe space to express themselves if they are to remain honest. This way, they can learn to love each other as they are and not for whom they wish to be.

♓ Pisces ♓ Pisces Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, you both want to live in a fantasy world, but which of you will make that happen? If you want to know if you are happy with Pisces Moon's emotional wispiness, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Pisces, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.

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