Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Pisces

Leo Pisces Compatibility Horoscope

Leo and Pisces Compatibility Quote: Tears and jeers for all.

Free Compatibility Horoscope for a couple with Moon in Pisces and Moon in Leo.

Leo Pisces Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: A watched pot never boils.
Pisces Leo Marriage Material Compatibility

Fiery Leo Moon is like a fire in the hearth that warms all who come near. Watery Pisces Moon is like a meandering river that suddenly crashes in to a waterfall. It puts out the fire, but not before being evaporated. At first, Pisces Moon is enchanted with Leo Moon. It shines with a light Pisces Moon wishes it had. People love it, and Leo Moon always seems happy and confident. Pisces Moon worms its way in with compliments and kind words. At first, Leo Moon is happy for the attention from someone who really seems to understand them. Pisces Moon sees Leo Moon's vulnerabilities and seems to accept them.

Pisces Moon is a chameleon that becomes whoever Leo Moon wants it to be. Leo Moon wants a 24/7 admirer, and this is what Pisces Moon becomes. They marry, and Leo Moon gets whatever it wants. Leo Moon always gets whatever it wants. Or does it? Pisces Moon starts to realize that Leo Moon isn't perfect, and the magic fades. Pisces Moon realizes that it spent so much time focused on Leo Moon that it never got what it wants, and it begins to resent Leo Moon. It begins to pull away: first in the mind, then in the heart, then in the body, then completely. In truth, Leo Moon could have given more, but it was so wrapped up in getting what it wanted all the time that it never bothered to find out what Pisces Moon really needed; it just knew that Pisces Moon wanted Leo Moon.

Pisces Leo Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: Only if trapped in a bomb shelter, but even then...
Leo Pisces Growing Together Compatibility

This type of relationship doesn't end with a bang but a whimper. Or, more likely, it simply fades away. Leo Moon becomes the more dominant partner, and Pisces Moon simply gives in. Leo Moon makes all the decisions. It may make all the money too. Leo Moon doesn't actually want to make all the decisions, but Pisces Moon seems helpless. It wants Pisces Moon to do something for it, like choose what to have for dinner every once in a while.

Pisces Moon wants Leo Moon to read its mind, but Leo Moon can't do that, and it won't do that either. It thinks that if you want something, try to get it, or try to find someone to give it to you. Over time, these two slowly drift away from each other. Pisces Moon loses itself in fantasy, dreaming of another ideal lover, the one it thought Leo Moon would be. Leo Moon is more prone to finding a real lover to give it the feedback it needs. Pisces Moon is devastated when it finds out, as if the writing wasn't on the wall and there were clear and obvious signs of trouble.

Leo Pisces Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: Which one fakes an orgasm better?
Leo Pisces Sex Life Compatibility

Leo Moon loves sex because it wants to feel sexy and attractive. Pisces Moon loves sex because it can lose itself completely in ecstasy. It is the most romantic of the Moon signs, and sex without love is either scary for them or a great escape. Leo Moon needs feedback: shouting, thanking, praising god, enthusiastic maneuvers and laughing and panting. Pisces Moon is more subdued. It wants to hold hands, to ease into sex. It doesn't like talking dirty or trying a million positions.

But it will do this if that is what Leo Moon wants. It will fake orgasms as if its life depended on it for Leo Moon's sake. It will do whatever Leo Moon wants. Leo Moon needs Pisces Moon to want to do those things. Worship without admiration is just going through the motions. The sex life may fade after a while because Leo Moon doesn't want to hurt Pisces Moon.

Pisces Leo How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Keep it wrapped in thick coats of acceptance.
Leo Pisces Make it Work Compatibility

This is a hard one, but there are two main hurdles. First, Pisces Moon has to stand up and say what it wants. It has to understand that it deserves to get what it wants, that it needs love and appreciation to, and it doesn't have to give all the time. It has to learn what it actually wants, since it's so used to giving in to others.

Leo Moon, on the other hand, has to learn to read Pisces Moon's subtle cues. Little sighs, slouching, small frowns - this is how Leo Moon will know what is really going on. It is best not to demand an explanation, but to simply do whatever it thinks Pisces Moon wants and to coax it to say if it wants something different by loving it just the same no matter what it wants. Pisces Moon needs unconditional love, and if it thinks it has it, it can blossom.

Leo Pisces Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Pisces Leo Moon signs Compatibility

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, they seem ideal, but what about your feelings? If you want to know if you are happy with Leo Moon's insane pride, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Leo or Pisces, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.


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