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Free Compatibility Horoscope for a couple with Moon in Leo and Moon in Aries

Aries and Leo Compatibility Quote:

The King and Queen of Everything.

♈ Aries ♌ Leo Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: They were meant for each other.

Leo Moon wants to be everything and Aries Moon wants to do everything. They are both focused on living life to the fullest. Aries Moon is the spark that ignites the flame, and Leo Moon is like a fire blazing in a hearth. Aries Moon motivates and encourages Leo Moon to get out in the world and be everything it wishes to be. Leo Moon encourages Aries Moon to get out in the world and do everything it wishes to do. Together, they embody the youthful glory of love, no matter how old they are.

These two know how to have fun together. Both are enthusiastic and optimistic. Both will fight for each other. Leo Moon puts up a good front, but is insecure. Aries Moon makes Leo Moon feel as if they are actually an amazing person and not simply acting like one. Aries Moon wants more than anything to be liked for who it is. Leo Moon makes Aries Moon feel proud to be with Leo Moon and that Leo Moon loves it just the way it is.

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♌ Leo ♈ Aries Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: Both are sure they can grow old never die.

If you have ever gone out and seen an older couple dressed in the latest clothes without a hint of being self-conscious, you have probably met an Aries Moon/Leo Moon couple. Whereas alone, they may not be so bold, together, they act like a king and queen.

Together, they become much more interested in their health and personal appearance. They are both young at heart. Aries Moon thinks it will never grow old, and Leo Moon fears aging greatly. They celebrate the other's individuality.

If they ever fight, it is probably resolved quickly. Both can be explosive when angered or upset, but they get it all out. Neither moon expects the other to keep up appearances, and neither one will. Whereas Leo Moon can wait until it gets home to fight, Aries Moon fully expects a duel of words. In a way, fighting is cathartic, and laying everything out can bring them closer together.

♈ Aries ♌ Leo Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: Making everyone jealous is their personal goal.

Leo Moon wants to be worshipped in bed, and it wants that to be demonstrated in action. Aries Moon is all about action. It will carry Leo Moon into the bedroom, and it will go all night. It will praise Leo Moon, loudly, in earnest. Knowing that its partner is turned on turns on Leo Moon. Aries Moon doesn't play coy. They can both whip each other up into a sexual frenzy that wakes up the neighbors and perhaps gets the police called on them... more than once.

And public displays of affection are no problem for either one of them. They will sit in each other's laps and make out in public. Leo Moon wants to show off its partner, and Aries Moon doesn't mind being praised for being on the arm of Leo Moon. Other people may wish that the two of them would get a room and act out their love behind closed doors. But these two Moons know they are putting on a show and love it.

♌ Leo ♈ Aries How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Watch out for the green-eyed monster.

There can be problems with this relationship, though they are easy to iron out. Leo Moon may feel insecure if Aries Moon unwittingly flirts with someone else. Leo Moon is jealous, and may act out publicly. Leo Moon cannot be ignored, even for a little while. If Aries Moon understands that Leo Moon wants to be worshipped, and that even a little goes a long way, it will work.

Leo Moon also has to understand that the same child-like enthusiasm it loves in Aries Moon comes from a child-like innocence. It doesn't mean harm when it wants to go off by itself or forgets to text back. If allowed to roam, Aries Moon comes back to where it is loved for who it is, right back to Leo Moon.

♈ Aries ♌ Leo Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Perhaps you like each other now, but can they make you feel awesome? If you want to know if you have the skills to ride or even tame the crazy wild stallion that is Aries Moon, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with the moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Aries or Leo, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.

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