Moon Sign Compatibility: Aries and Taurus

Compatibility Rating (1-5): 3
Compatibility Quote:
Too stubborn to go, too stubborn to leave.

Marriage Compatibility
Marriage Material:
Surprisingly, yes. And don't try to stop them, either.

What happens when fly a jet plane into the side of a mountain? You get the marriage of Aries Moon and Taurus Moon. These moons are seemingly so different that on the surface, its difficult to figure out how they could come - and stay together. Aries Moon is a blazing juggernaut that wants to do what it wants right now. Taurus Moon is like a potato underground. It doesn't want to do anything at all. Aries Moon gets a notion and immediately springs into action. Taurus Moon is slow to start and slow to finish.

But once Taurus Moon gets moving, it is an unstoppable force. Aries Moon is the spark that ignites the flame and Taurus Moon is a boulder that remains for eons. Aries Moon can push Taurus Moon into action, and Taurus Moon keeps rolling like a boulder down a mountain, crushing anything in the way, to the delight of Aries Moon.

And once they both have their minds set on a goal, there is no stopping them, including marriage. This is why this combination gets a 3 instead of a 1.

Partner Compatibility
Growing Old Together:
The sweet war that never ends.

They fight like no others. The ram and the bull never run. Aries Moon is a firecracker trying to ignite Taurus Moon. Aries Moon finally alights the mild-tempered Taurus Moon. Fights last until they are too tired to keep going, which can take days or weeks. Taurus Moon doesn't care about winning. Like the mountain, it will still exist. It lets Aries Moon think it won.

But here, Aries Moon tends to stick around even when they swear they will leave Taurus Moon. Aries Moon reacts, and Taurus Moon gives them nothing to react to. While resentment may simmer under the surface at times, these two stay together because it takes many attempts for Aries Moon tries to light Taurus Moon on fire, and Aries Moon lives for challenges.

But should anyone from the outside hurt one of them, they sharpen their horns together.

Sex Compatibility
The Sex Life:
Get a prescription for Viagra.

These two are naturally sexually incompatible. Aries Moon doesn't wait for sex. The urge comes on strong and immediate. It's about the orgasm and the thrill. Taurus Moon, on the other hand, makes appointments and marks the calendar for sex. They must prepare. By the time they're done preparing, Aries Moon has already masturbated and fallen asleep.

Taurus Moon is earthy. It loves sensuality and sex for the physical pleasure. It wants to cuddle, have wine, and take a shower first. It has a deeper love of sex than Aries Moon. Either Aries Moon needs to learn to be patient, or Taurus Moon has to make a move faster. Neither moon is terribly adaptable, but Taurus Moon less. Aries Moon always makes the first move.

The best solution is a 50/50 split. Aries Moon gets sex their way half the time and Taurus Moon gets sex their way the other times. This may require Aries Moon to keep themselves in the mood. The good news is that Taurus Moon likes sex toys.

Long Run Compatibility
How to Make it Work:
Split it all down the middle.

Forget compromise. Aries Moons rages at the idea of not getting what it wants, and Taurus Moon is an unmovable rock. There is no third choice. These two will have to figure out a way to let the other have what they want. They can either do a 50/50 split or keep certain interests to themselves.

This can work, with rules. Taurus Moon is naturally possessive, and Aries Moon doesn't see themselves as belonging to anyone. Aries Moon has to know what the rules are clearly and plainly, and have some say in making them, or else it will rebel and really leave this time.

Moon Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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If you want to know if you can handle Aries Moon's impatience or need to make everything a competition, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this moon sign.
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