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Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility Quote:

Driving each other crazy is an art form.

♉ Taurus ♏ Scorpio Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: If they make it down the aisle, they may make it after all.

Watery Scorpio Moon is like the dark deep of the middle of the ocean. One cannot see the bottom or what is swimming underneath the surface. It could delight you, or it could kill you. Possibly both. Earthy Taurus Moon is like the soil under your feet. It is always there and keeps you grounded. Water moves earth and transforms it. Earth cradles and holds water. There is an instant magnetism. Scorpio Moon draws Taurus Moon in, and Taurus Moon doesn't know what hit them.

And this is because they don't understand each other but absolutely fascinate each other. Scorpio Moon takes nothing at face value while Taurus Moon only takes things at face value. Scorpio Moon can't believe Taurus Moon is so superficial and yet lives with a contentment it never really experiences. Taurus Moon can't believe Scorpio Moon is so paranoid. But it also can't believe that Scorpio Moon sees so much in them. Taurus Moon may deny what Scorpio Moon sees: Scorpio Moon can see both the very good and the very bad in someone, even if they don't want Scorpio Moon to see. But secretly, it loves being all the things Scorpio Moon thinks it is. Taurus Moon sees a sorcerer that opened its chest, looked at its soul, and stayed anyway.

The intensity that Scorpio Moon brings to the relationship may wear down Taurus Moon. Scorpio Moon likes to live at fever pitch, but Taurus Moon does not. They are both possessive, though Scorpio Moon is the more jealous of the two. Taurus Moon finds itself having to work around this jealousy by giving up relationships it otherwise wouldn't and frequently changing the passwords to its email address and smartphone, because yes: Scorpio Moon will go there on even the slightest of suspicions.

They are both lusty creatures, and if they confuse love with lust, they may automatically think they have found their true love. After all, Scorpio wants Taurus Moon so badly. The problem is that Taurus Moon is kind of like a boulder. You can't just put one in your pocket and be on your way. Scorpio Moon can't be possessed either. Just when everything is calm and Taurus Moon thinks it finally has Scorpio Moon, it lets out suspicions that put them back at square one. What Scorpio Moon wants is for Taurus Moon to assure it that Taurus Moon still loves it, even if it requires playing a few mind games.

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♏ Scorpio ♉ Taurus Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: The eternal chase.

It is possible for Taurus Moon and Scorpio Moon to stay together for a long time. This combination is one of the love-on-the-run pairings, such that they're more likely to stay together if it seems that the world is out to keep them apart. Stubborn Taurus Moon won't do what it is told to do, and slippery Scorpio Moon wants to gobble up any forbidden fruit. If they have to show the world that it is wrong about their chosen lover, both Moons will do what it takes to prove the world wrong.

The real key to their intimacy is the sex. If the sex is good, then they stay together. This depends on how far Taurus Moon is willing to go.

♉ Taurus ♏ Scorpio Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: Making fireworks in the bedroom, and a few other places, too.

Take Taurus Moon, the most sensual sign of the zodiac, and pair it with the most innately sexual sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. Scorpio Moon wants to be one with its lover. Taurus Moon wants all the pleasure sex can give. Scorpio Moon wants to know and be known by its lover. It sees no boundary between its body and the body of its lover. Most can't handle this kind of sexual experience, though many dream of such an experience. Lucky for Taurus Moon, it has no idea what it is walking into.

And it becomes addicted. Sex with Scorpio Moon is indeed like a drug, and Taurus Moon laps it up like honey. It feels at once worshipped and degraded. Scorpio Moon can talk Taurus Moon into almost anything - even things it is normally afraid to try. Shall I go into details? Beneath their loveable exterior, Taurus Moon is quite the potential freak. You name it, they want to try it, even if they don't want the world to know about it. Everything they share is an intimate affair because of the secret world that begins in the bedroom, the one that Scorpio Moon imagines and Taurus Moon creates.

In this sense, the sex permeates every part of their relationship. Having dinner and sharing a meal is sexual. So is simply sleeping side by side, or riding in the car. So long as they are intimating sharing something there is something innately sexual about it.

♏ Scorpio ♉ Taurus How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Holding on too tight causes suffocation.

The main issue here is possessiveness. Taurus Moon wants to possess Scorpio Moon in body; Scorpio Moon wants to possess Taurus Moon in mind and soul. The problem wouldn't be giving each other breathing room. The problem would be that the two of them are stubborn. Scorpio Moon only appears to yield. When it sees something it needs, or thinks it needs, it grasps it in its claws and holds on for dear life. If that thing doesn't happen to be something Taurus Moon wants, then there is trouble because the bull in Taurus Moon will not be moved.

This is why this match gets a 3 and not a 4: put the two most possessive and stubborn moons together and the potential for permanent stalemate at best and a declaration of war at worst is a real possibility. They will struggle to teach each other to let go, but this relationship may be the way for them to learn the hard way. After all, whatever you squeeze too tightly in your fist slips through your fingers. It is better to cradle it tenderly.

♉ Taurus ♏ Scorpio Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, you get along well, but will you get the life-affirming intimacy you need?If you want to know if Taurus Moons aversion to risk, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Taurus or Scorpio, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.

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