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Gemini and Leo Compatibility Quote:

Everyone, look at us!.

♊ Gemini ♌ Leo Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: The movie star and her agent.

Airy Gemini Moon is a breeze or a tornado, picking up everything in its path. Fiery Leo is like a hearth, warming everyone and everything around it. Air fuels fire, and fire heats up air and moves it. This Moon sign combo creates a rush of energy. Leo Moon needs people to admire it for who it puts itself out to be. Gemini Moon needs to be in the know and in the loop. Leo Moon definitely sees the value of being with a partner who knows everything about everyone and everything. Gemini Moon not only knows where Leo Moon stands, but where it could stand and how to get there. Leo Moon is the center of attention and a fount of information that Gemini Moon ready and incessant drinks from.

And together, they feel that they're at the center of the universe, being the center of the universe. While neither Leo Moon or Gemini Moon are particularly enterprising in their own rights, together, they create a force to be reckoned with. They motivate and inspire each other. Gemini Moon believes in Leo Moon's grand dreams, and Leo Moon believes that Gemini Moon has the savvy and ability to get them there. And you'll see this at their wedding: Leo Moon is the star of the show, and Gemini Moon arranges it that way.

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♌ Leo ♊ Gemini Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: Outrunning even their grandchildren.

This couple will never slow down. Now, both Moons will normally slow down in old age, more so Leo Moon, but they tell each other that they're young. Leo Moon makes Gemini Moon feel important and that its life is meaningful. Leo Moon appreciates Gemini Moon's ability to keep them both on the pulse of everything. Gemini Moon knows the latest trend well into its 80s, and Leo Moon wears the latest trend well into its 80s. Gemini Moon makes sure that Leo Moon is on the cutting edge, and Leo Moon makes sure that Gemini Moon has the room to go out and find out what the cutting edge is.

They don't grow old because they don't grow stale. There's a tendency to be dependent on each other. All couples are dependent on each other - that's part of the reason they stay together - but two especially so. Leo Moon becomes the face and the figurehead who makes the social life happen, and Gemini Moon is the eyes and ears, taking in information. Because they create a much-desired increase in each other's social standing, staying together can be a business decision.

♊ Gemini ♌ Leo Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: The neighbors can hear it through the walls.

Leo Moon loves sex: it is where one is worshipped and taken in in all their glory. It is loud, enthusiastic, and demonstrative. Leo Moon wants to be pleased, but it also wants to make their partner orgasm. An orgasm is a trophy, and Leo Moon needs to know that it is sexually desirable and good at sex.

Gemini Moon isn't so sensual, but it is good with its hands and knows how to talk dirty. It will scream Leo Moon's name. This fawning and complimenting turns Leo on, and Gemini Moon loves watching Leo Moon go into a sexual frenzy. It will try new things and go all night. This makes Gemini Moon become more sexual.

But everyone knows about it. Their neighbors certainly know because they can hear it. Gemini Moon tells people about their sex life, and Leo Moon doesn't mind so long as it is all good things. Everyone on the train knows about it because one or the other of them is on the phone telling a friend - loudly - about the amazing sex they had the night before. While they get a thrill letting everyone know what a good time they're having, it can get to a point where they need to make sex public in order to get a thrill. Exhibitionism may not be too far away, and Gemini Moon has a problem keeping track of all their gadgets so Leo Moon better hope no one ever finds and jailbreaks Gemini Moon's smartphone. Or would they secretly like that?

♌ Leo ♊ Gemini How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Both partners are important, believe it or not.

Gemini Moon knows what Leo Moon wants, and Leo Moon knows how to make Gemini Moon feel appreciated and needed. They make it work through mutual admiration of what the other is naturally good at doing. This relationship's truly based in friendship.

The main problem is when they have to start dealing with responsibilities, like careers or children. The love is still there, but unless they specifically carve out a time to be together, they may focus on other people. Chances are, they may focus all of their mental and emotional energy on their children. And while Gemini Moon and Leo Moon both love children and want to be good parents, they can get so caught up in it that once the children leave the nest, they don't know each other.

Leo Moon needs to make sure that Gemini Moon knows that it is appreciated for keeping it in the know and for making it feel worthy. Gemini Moon needs to make sure that Leo Moon knows that's it still the sexiest human being to every walk the Earth. Since both Moons feel loved through words, this is a pretty easy task.

♊ Gemini ♌ Leo Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, you get along well, but will they give you the attention you crave?

If you want to know if you are happy with Gemini Moon's active social life, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign.

To determine if your Moon is in Gemini or Leo, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.

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