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Free Compatibility Horoscope for a couple with Moon in Libra and Moon in Gemini

Gemini and Libra Compatibility Quote:

Two butterflies on the same rose.

♊ Gemini ♎ Libra Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: The poet and his muse.

Airy Gemini Moon is like a gentle breeze or a tornado. Airy Libra Moon is the gust of wind that moves everything. Put them together, and you have the trade winds that connect the world. Gemini Moon needs to be in the know and to be in the loop. Libra Moon needs to have peace and harmony. Both these Moons are concerned with everything being equal: for Gemini Moon, all thoughts and ideas as equal, and for Libra Moon, all things must be given proper time and space to blossom. Gemini Moon values words, Libra Moon values beauty, and together, they value beautiful words.

You know that couple you wish you and your partner were like? This is that couple. They look like that picture of the happy couple that comes with your picture frame. Actually, they do kind of look like an advertisement. People want to be around them, and they want to be with people. They invite others in to their home and into their lives with welcome arms. They encourage each other to be friendly and social, and they make friends with each other's friends and become siblings with each other's siblings.

And it will be a beautiful wedding. Libra Moon will make it look, sound, and smell gorgeous, and Gemini Moon will make sure everyone is having a good time and sitting near someone they like (this is important if you want your reception to go well). It really will be a celebration they intend to share with everyone.

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♎ Libra ♊ Gemini Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: The happiest couple alive.

There's something innocent about this marriage that keeps the spark alive. Gemini Moon is child-like and carefree, only nervous when forced into a corner. Libra Moon is even-tempered and optimistic. It always assumes that things will work out for the best. Even if there's a misunderstanding, they both quickly apologize and assume fault. They avoid arguing and fighting as must as possible and slather problems with a thick layer of romance to keep them sealed.

Now, this would normally be a ticking time bomb for most couples, but in reality, Gemini Moon and Libra Moon don't really do anything that would bother the other. Sure, Libra Moon may like to shop and Gemini Moon may like to talk on the phone, but they generally look past each other's foibles. Now, if something really bad happens - like infidelity - that's an issue. This couple probably has an agreement that if one cheats, they're to never tell the other. And if they stay true to this, one will never suspect the other.

♊ Gemini ♎ Libra Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: Like teenagers, all the time.

These two airy Moons have a friendly, playful sexuality. They touch, kiss, cuddle, and wrestle. Foreplay includes a lot of teasing and giggling. They're like Richard and Emmeline from The Blue Lagoon: innocent and carefree, naturally discovering innocent passion. In a way, their whole relationship is like a mystic lone tropical island deep in the sea. While others can visit, and others can pass by, they cannot know the deep mysteries that lie within, and how the balance of all things keeps this tiny bit of stone alone in the ocean full of life and innocent enchantment.

... and it is possible that they're nudists at home, so call before you come over.

Gemini Moon knows what to say to make Libra Moon feel beautiful. Libra Moon only enjoys sex when it feels beautiful. Libra Moon knows what charming things to say to egg and turn Gemini Moon on. They don't get too risquГ© in public, but if no one is looking, they may make it in the coat closet at the office Christmas party. There's something fun about looking serene on the outside and getting down and dirty in private. It's a game that they love to play.

♎ Libra ♊ Gemini How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Someone has to do the dirty work.

The main problem this couple has is taking things seriously. They're both naturally light-hearted and have trouble dealing with limitation and finalities. They're not naturally good at handling details, and debt can pile up, even if they're both good at making money. Once limited and restrained to work, they start to resent the other for letting things get so bad.

They both have a problem with accepting blame when someone actually is to blame. They're both quick to apologize for small, trivial transgressions, but quick to point the finger when something really big happens. If both of these airy Moons can learn to actually solve problems and do the work of patching things up, a potential big problem doesn't have to be the storm that swallows paradise.

♊ Gemini ♎ Libra Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, you get along well, but will they be fair to you? If you want to know if you are relieved with Gemini Moon's need to see all sides of things, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Gemini or Libra, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.

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Rose 2019-11-23 06:33:08
I am a libra moon and my boyfriend is a Gemini moon and I can say this is true. I’ve been told about how great my relationship looks and is “picture perfect”. We also hardly even ever bother each other and we are lighthearted and goofy and just laugh and play and make jokes. We also both have Taurus in our charts so we can be chill and calm. Definitely homebodies and love stability and roots as well. Although we seem opposites
In every way, down to music taste, the colors we like, and the things we are interested in. We take after each other’s likings and learn each other’s way of things and we can meet in the middle about things and we both have the same sense of humor. Lots of inside jokes
And physical affection. But also enough healthy space. ;) I love my relationship
I know us well. Very strong together.
cv 2024-02-25 03:59:15
Hi Rose, your relationship reminds me of mine right now. We’re both Taurus’ too and we are definitely quite opposites haha

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