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Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility Quote:

Friends with benefits.

♎ Libra ♐ Sagittarius Marriage Material Compatibility Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility Quote: Friends with benefits who get married.

Airy Libra is like the breeze that blows and bends the reeds, or it's the gust of wind that pushes everything. Fiery Sagittarius Moon is like a wildfire snaking through the forest. Fire moves air. Air feeds fire. This couple usually starts off as friends, and all of their relations tend to be friendly. They are relieved to find that the other doesn't want things to be so formal or serious all the time, and they are both willing to simply let the other be. Libra Moon enjoys the way Sagittarius Moon tends to say what it wants, and it eggs it on. Sagittarius Moon is fascinated with the way that Libra Moon is so appropriate and regal in public. It doesn't really have to do anything to make others like it. Sagittarius Moon wishes it could do the same.

It's possible that this relationship never gets serious enough for marriage, with no hard feelings or resentment. If it does, there is a long courtship, as Sagittarius Moon is afraid of commitment, and Libra Moon won't push the issue. Sagittarius Moon normally needs a lot of space, but since Libra Moon makes no demands, it feels no need to escape. It also keeps things interesting, so Libra Moon never feels like it's stuck. Eventually, Sagittarius Moon comes around when it realizes that it can spend the rest of its life with Libra Moon because is doing that already.

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♐ Sagittarius ♎ Libra Growing Old Together Compatibility Horoscope

Growing Old Together Compatibility Quote: Teenagers never get old, even when they do.

Libra Moon and Sagittarius Moon are like childhood friends. Even if they meet in their adulthoods, they bring out the child in each other. This is good or bad, depending. They may still like to go out and do things that younger people like to do. This couple goes to bars where everyone else is ten years younger. They may have some trouble keeping track of their spending and saving up for things like a house. However, Sagittarius Moon tends to be lucky in getting what it needs, and Libra Moon attracts good favor, so they rarely go without.

These Moons are very likely to get fat together. Sagittarius Moon likes to eat and drink for the merriment, and Libra Moon like the pleasure of eating and drinking. This may be the death of them, so they have to move around. Sagittarius Moon loves being outside, but Libra Moon, not so much. They do love just doing things together, and any place they can go and make jokes about the people around them (like a gym) is a place they want to be. These two will probably make fun of each other with gentle ribbing as well. By the time they're old, they'll wonder how they got there.

♎ Libra ♐ Sagittarius Sex Life Compatibility Horoscope

Sex Life Compatibility Quote: A friendly game of tag.

Libra Moon likes sex because it likes doing something with a partner that makes it feel desirable. Sagittarius Moon likes sex because it is fun and there is always something else to explore. Neither Moon is comfortable with sex being a serious, hot and heavy affair. They like it fun. Sagittarius Moon sees sex as a friendly thing, and Libra Moon sees it as a confirmation of the relationship. It's as if they're both off the hook and can simply relax. And they do. The early relationship begins with the two of them having sex on a fairly regular basis. It is, strangely, quite vanilla. Sagittarius Moon is less interested in acrobatics and kinks and more interested in the thrill of possibly getting caught.

Watch out if you sit in the backseat of a car belonging to this couple. Just saying. Or their sofa. Or their kitchen counter. Or the kitchen counter in their parent's house. They don't actually want to be caught or seen; Sagittarius Moon loves to be free to have sex like the birds or the monkeys do, and Libra Moon loves being taken in the very moment. Unfortunately, the police don't often understand, so they are wise to not tempt fate in public, or at least try to be quiet.

♐ Sagittarius ♎ Libra How to Make it Work Compatibility Horoscope

Make it Work Compatibility Quote: Try taking something seriously sometimes.

The main snag for this relationship is that they're friends, and friends don't necessarily demand anything from each other. Neither Moon makes demands on the other. While this is definitely part of the attraction, it's also a problem because neither one wants to finish anything. Sure, Libra Moon wants to get started and Sagittarius Moon will make sure to generate enthusiasm, but neither will do it. Even though the two of them would prefer to do everything together, it may be best for them to split things up and handle workloads exclusively.

This goes for everything, from splitting the chores to deciding where the kids will go to school. There aren't too many problems with this particular relationship, but two people who are always friends don't have enough of an itch to scratch to make things happen.

♎ Libra ♐ Sagittarius Moon signs Compatibility Horoscope

Sun sign compatibility will get you so far. Sure, they make life a romp in the summer, but what happens comes winter? If you want to know if you are happy with Libra Moon's playful innocence, you must know if your Moon sign is compatible with this Moon sign. To determine if your Moon is in Libra or Sagittarius, put your birth date and birth time in our Natal Chart Calculator and do the same for your partner.

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