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Tarot Cards Meaning: Death, Tarot Card, Temperance, Tarot Card, Devil, Tarot Card, Tower, Tarot Card, Star, Tarot Card, Moon, Tarot Card, Sun, Tarot Card

The Death, Tarot Card The Death, Tarot Card

Death is one of the most powerful and important cards in the tarot deck. It is numbered 13. It is suggested that this is one of the many reasons that the number 13 possesses such a bad reputation in most English speaking cultures. The picture on the card is usually that of a knight clad in black armor riding a horse, which draws obvious connections towards one of the horsemen of the apocalypse foretold of in the bible. Amidst them is a battlefield littered with bodies and chaos. A sort of holy figure stands before them and seems to be pleading with death.

The Temperance, Tarot Card The Temperance, Tarot Card

Temperance is usually numbered as the 14th card in the tarot deck, though taking the fool into account, is actually the 15th card despite the numbering. Temperance is usually depicted as a woman, or androgynous. In some cases it is a winged person, or an angel. The person is usually pouring water or a liquid of some kind from one glass into another, thereby mixing the two and showing a bit of moderation (as in diluting alcohol). Sometimes the person in the picture will have one foot on land and one located in the water. However, how does this card apply to your own life when you see it in your tarot spread? This will all be discussed here.

The Devil, Tarot Card The Devil, Tarot Card

The devil is a tarot card which is often misunderstood and is understood by tarot readers much differently than the rest of culture attempts to understand it due to overexposure and faulty media coverage. The devil is numbered 15 in a traditional tarot deck. It is usually depicted as a red creature sitting on a throne. The creature usually possesses goat horns and has a humanoid shape. Much of this devilish imagery comes from the traditional Christian depiction of the devil in religious imagery. Two women are usually seen chained to the foot of his throne and fire is in the background.

The Tower, Tarot Card The Tower, Tarot Card

Interestingly enough, the tarot card, the tower is one of the few tarot cards that is a part of the major arcana and yet, is not used in conventional tarot gaming as the other cards are. For whatever reason, while it has significance in divinity, it is not used as part of the game tarot. Either way, the card is numbered 16, and depicts usually what looks like the turret of a castle. In most depictions this tower is either crumbling or on fire, and it shows two people diving out of the tower to their doom (since a rocky and mountainous area is pictured in the background, lending credence to the idea that they will be killed when they hit the ground).

The Star, Tarot Card The Star, Tarot Card

The star is the 17th numbered tarot card and is a part of the major arcana group. The card usually depicts a woman kneeling before a large body of water. In both hands she carries a jug of water. With one jug she is pouring water into the larger body of water and with the other jug she is pouring water directly onto the land, which runs away in rivulets. Above her is a very large star in an otherwise empty sky. In some more modern depictions, the card merely shows a man or a woman gesturing towards a large star in the sky.

The Moon, Tarot Card The Moon, Tarot Card

The moon card is a very important one because of the significance afforded to the moon by the myriad of different cultures that have practiced tarot as a form of divination throughout the centuries. The card is the 18th numbered card in tarot decks. It usually depicts a moon with a face drawn onto it shining down rays into a body of water. Two dogs howl at the moon, and the sea life is at a state of unrest because of the moon's rays. On either side of the picture are two high pillars which are sometimes seen as tombstones and other times as a representation of karma.

The Sun, Tarot Card The Sun, Tarot Card

The sun is numbered 19th n a typical tarot deck, and as most pairs do in tarot, comes right after its partner, the moon. Though they share many similarities, the two of them feature very different imagery on each card. The sun card depicts a child if indeterminate age riding a Pegasus nude. The child holds a red flag the color of blood as they fly over an illuminated landscape with sunflowers growing in the background. A large sun with complex rays stares on in the background, bringing light to the path of the child.

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