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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

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Cancer and Cancer – Deep in Love

When two Cancers join forces, the foremost element of the relationship is emotion. In its fellow Cancer, the Crab finds a lover that can truly understand and reciprocate its own emotional depth. The moodiness that can so disturb other partners won’t faze another Cancer. Both mates are so intuitive that very little has to be said.

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compatibility qualities

Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer Character

As is characteristic of Water Signs, Cancer’s world revolves around feeling. The Crab is one of those people who always knows how others feel, sometimes better than the person in question does. This ability accentuates Cancer’s otherworldly presence and makes the Crab seem numinous and mysterious. Fortunately for Cancer, the Crab doesn’t necessarily absorb and reflect the feelings it detects – a definite danger for most empaths. This allows the Crab to remain stable even though its partner isn’t.

The Crab’s profound emotional connection to its romantic partners inspires steadfast loyalty. This loyalty extends past simply being devoted to its current love. Once Cancer accepts someone into their life, that person belongs to them forever. The Crab retains intense feelings for former partners, no matter how badly the relationship ended. Due to this trait, ending a relationship with a Cancer is a long, drawn out process and the Crab is never really banished completely.

The Crab may be an expert on the emotional state of those around it, but same can’t usually be said in return. Perhaps it is Cancer’s adeptness with emotion that makes the Crab very hard for most people to read. Cancer is wary of bestowing trust, even on its romantic partner, so it has a strong tendency to hide thoughts and feelings. This can add to the Crab’s aura of mystery, but it also blocks communication and can cause friction in the pairing.

The first thing one notices about a Cancer is the remarkable charm that emanates from it. The Crab isn’t particularly social and doesn’t seek out crowds, but it is certainly capable of capturing everyone’s attention when it wants to – at least as long as its limited energy allows. In a one-on-one situation, Cancer can effortlessly make the object of its attention feel like the only person in the world.


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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility Advantages

Plunging into the Deep

Once two Cancers join forces, the sky’s the limit when it comes to emotional exploration. Each member of the couple is quite capable of understanding its fellow Crab without a word of explanation. This comes as a great relief to both. Cancer finds it exceedingly difficult to articulate how it feels directly so a partner that needs no words is ideal for the enigmatic Crab. Not only can its twin Cancer intuitively sense its emotional state, but it also has the tools to understand and support the Crab through any turmoil.

Along with their matching emotional sensitivity, the Cancers are also similarly loyal. The pair bonds so deeply that there’s no thought of leaving or finding another. Both are equally dependent on the relationship for equilibrium which prevents the resentment that might crop up should one partner be less clingy. The Crabs are content to spend nearly all their time together.

Homelife in a Cancer – Cancer pairing is most satisfactory. They both love beautiful surroundings and neither considers housework beneath its dignity. Partying and loud gatherings hold no appeal for the quiet Crab and both the Cancers are happy staying home most of the time. This is definitely a “Netflix and Chill” or more likely, a candle-lit bath and champagne couple.

The Crab certainly isn’t immune to its fellow Cancer’s charm. Since this allure comes chiefly from being able to read the feelings of others, both Crabs find its partner’s charm comforting. To Cancer, the greatest act of love is to be understood by its lover. Thus, when either Crab turns on the charm, the other feels seen and appreciated.


compatibility Cons

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility Disadvantages

Drowning in Feeling

While there are certainly many advantages to a Cancer-Cancer couple, anytime two such similar people join there is a potential for conflict and, if the similarities are extreme, personal growth is unlikely. Since the Crabs are both emotional beings, things between them can quickly become very deep. Cancer isn’t naturally cheerful and there will be little in this coupling that can lighten things up. If one partner plunges into a deep depression, the fact that the other Crab knows and understands doesn’t necessarily do anything to mitigate the problem. While there will be a great deal of love and devotion in this pairing, there may be very little laughter.

One of the dangers of being highly empathic is the potential for manipulation inherent in the ability. A dual Cancer relationship is not immune for this. While both Crabs are highly competent in reading and responding to feelings, they may not have equal skill or forcefulness. This is often a problem when one partner is more aggressive or a little more detached than the other. When this is the case, the leading Crab may begin to manipulate its mate. This may be done so cleverly that the influenced Cancer isn’t even aware it’s happening, but it still isn’t healthy.

Should this couple not be able to work out issues, their break-up is likely to be fiercely emotional and painful to both. The Crab holds on to its lover fiercely and only in the greatest opposition will it consider ending the relationship. It is unlikely that both will agree to part at first and by the time the Crabs separate, there is a lot of damage on both sides.


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Cancerand Cancer Compatibility Horoscope
Lots of Love but Little Laughter

A relationship between two Cancers may seem like a perfect match and it’s true that they can offer one another a rare level of emotional support. This pair understands its Crab partner in ways no other Sign can match. Together the Cancers build a loving and peaceful home and spend most of their time enjoying it. The danger to this relationship is that, while there is plenty of affection, there isn’t much fun to lighten the intrinsic melancholy tendencies of Cancer. If this pair is careful to find ways to lighten the mood often, they can build a blissfully happy life.

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Cancer and Cancer 2023-11-17 09:33:57
The compatibility between two Cancer individuals can be described as being deep in love. Both Cancers are highly emotional and sensitive beings, and when they come together, they create a strong emotional bond that is truly unique.

One of the key strengths of a Cancer-Cancer relationship is the deep understanding they have for each other's emotions. They are both highly intuitive and empathetic, which allows them to deeply connect on an emotional level without many words being spoken. They can sense each other's moods, needs, and desires almost instinctively, creating a profound level of emotional intimacy.

Both Cancers are nurturing and protective by nature. They have a strong desire to care for their loved ones, and in this relationship, they can find the perfect partner who understands and appreciates this characteristic. They create a loving and supportive environment for each other, resulting in a strong and secure foundation for their relationship.

Cancer individuals are known for their moodiness, and this is something that can easily disrupt the harmony in a relationship with other signs. However, in a Cancer-Cancer relationship, both partners understand and accept each other's emotional fluctuations. They can provide the support and understanding needed during times of emotional vulnerability, without judgment or criticism. This helps to create a safe and comforting space for both partners to express their true selves.

One potential challenge in a Cancer-Cancer relationship is the possibility of becoming too absorbed in their emotions. Both partners can be highly sensitive, and if either one is going through a difficult period, it can potentially impact the emotional balance of the relationship. However, their shared understanding and empathy can help them navigate through these challenging times by offering support and reassurance.

Another aspect that can contribute to the compatibility between two Cancers is their shared values and goals. Both individuals prioritize family, security, and the establishment of a loving home environment. They seek stability in their personal lives, and both are likely to be committed to building a long-lasting and harmonious relationship.

In summary, the compatibility of a Cancer-Cancer relationship is characterized by deep emotional connection, understanding, and support. They have a natural ability to intuitively understand each other's needs and provide the emotional comfort that both desire. Despite the potential challenges that may arise due to their emotional sensitivity, Cancers can create a profoundly loving and nurturing partnership that can stand the test of time.

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