Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility in Love

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility

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Although it is certainly not the case with every sign in the Zodiac, a Capricorn – Capricorn pairing is a match made in heaven. This Goats will provide each other with emotional security and support in reaching goals. Another Goat provides a partner whose integrity equals their own and shares their values. Capricorn-Capricorn makes a formidable team both in the world and the home.

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Capricorn Compatibility Traits

Capricorn Character

Perhaps the most notable element of Capricorn’s character is ambition. In fact, it may seem that nothing gets in the way of the determined Goat’s climb to greatness. No obstacle is too great and the tougher the challenge, the better Capricorn seems to like it. This quality makes the Goat appear stubborn and materialistic. Capricorn’s obstinacy is no illusion, but the things a Goat acquires are a badge of Capricorn’s success rather than a love of the material.

The Goat is methodical in decision making and it is very seldom that emotion comes into play in Capricorn’s choices. It isn’t that Capricorn doesn’t understand, or even appreciate, the emotional aspects of the situation, but rather that the Goat considers feelings less reliable than reason. Capricorn’s quick and ruthless assessment of every facet of a decision make the Goat seem cold and emotionless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like the fiery core of the Earth, Capricorn seethes with deep emotions that are carefully controlled until the Goat considers the time is appropriate to let them show.

The Goat is a domestic being to the core and only success outranks home comfort in the heart of Capricorn. Much energy and thought will be put into Capricorn’s surroundings and the Goat takes great pride in keeping a beautiful home, no matter how large or small it may happen to be. Capricorn will happily spend its free time in home improvement. After all, what could be better than a weekend of painting the bedroom or making the garden bloom?

Integrity is non-negotiable to the Goat in any relationship, but especially in a romantic pairing. Loyal to a fault, the Goat will accept nothing less from its lover. Capricorn is very exacting about honesty and fidelity and has a notoriously long memory when it comes to any lapses in truth. This memory and Capricorn’s logical mind also make it nearly impossible for a cheater to fool the Goat for long. Capricorn will notice any discrepancy in a story and will pursue the truth will all the doggedness of a bloodhound on a scent.


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Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility Advantages

Double the Strength

The strengths of Capricorn are truly doubled when the Goat pairs with another Capricorn. Ever in pursuit of goals and dreams, another Capricorn is an ultimate partner to give a boost over the hardest places. Each can use its fellow Goat’s insight and logic to speed the path to success. Since both Goats are always climbing toward goals, neither feels resentment when the other spends time on its own pursuits.

Two Capricorns will also be able to understand and meet each other’s deep emotional needs. This pairing is not likely to be much disturbed by emotional drama since logic rules over feelings with Capricorn. While some signs might find the lack of emotional fireworks boring, the Goat loves the tranquility and security provided by this situation. This doesn’t mean there is no passion in the pairing. Capricorns are willing and sensitive lovers, and each will work hard to please its partner.

Domestic matters between two Goats tend to run smoothly as they both love to spend time at home and each works hard to keep the environment neat and pleasant. This match has none of the friction that the finicky Goat can experience with another sign in this area. Household chores are shared, and each Goat is scrupulous in getting everything done properly and in a timely manner.

Loyalty is a hallmark of the Capricorn romantic life and an honest partner is vital to the Goat’s happiness. When paired with another Capricorn, the Goat can relax with the knowledge that its partner shares that deep sense of integrity, protectiveness, and loyalty. In this atmosphere, Capricorn can relax and let its guard down, a rare occurrence for the uptight Goat.


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Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility Disadvantages

Stuck in a Rut

While a double Capricorn relationship can be blissful, there are some dangers when such similar companions join forces. Growth requires a certain amount of tension which isn’t likely to occur between lovers with such similar wishes and habits. It is very easy for each to fall into a rut and eventually completely take one another for granted. If stolid Capricorn isn’t careful, this romantic relationship can evolve into a roommate-like lifestyle.

The Goat’s drive and stubbornness are traits cherished as the vehicle that propels Capricorn to the success it so craves. Thus, these qualities are carefully cultivated. This can become an issue in any disagreement between two Capricorns as each will be confident that its own point of view is the correct one. Disputes between two Goats are not generally dramatic but will drag on forever and can be the subject of grievance even after resolution.

Capricorn is a workaholic. It is often the case that the Goat’s romantic affairs take a back seat to career concerns too often. When paired with another Capricorn this danger is heightened as both Goats are working hard toward their own goals and may not notice that the relationship is suffering. It is possible for the romance to become more like a business partnership if the Capricorns are not aware of this as a potential problem. Fortunately, the Goat is very protective of any relationship it has committed to, so it is only necessary for one of the partners to realize the issue and bring it up. Once uncovered, both Goats will work hard to remedy the problem.


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Double the Benefits

A pairing between two Capricorns offers an ideal environment for the happiness of the Goat. Their love of home and similar values provides a safe place for reserved Capricorn to indulge in emotions that are usually carefully controlled. Each Goat will understand the importance of success to the other and will gladly support its Capricorn partner in a climb toward achievement. As long as the pair sets down a way to work out disagreements and work doesn’t eclipse the relationship, a Capricorn duo is definitely a winner!

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