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🏹 Sagittarius – The Archer

Sagittarius is born between November 22nd and December 21st and is a Fire Sign. If the Archer has a superpower it is its ability to find the fun in life. Light-footed Sagittarius loves change and never stays at one thing too long. A born explorer, the Archer has a deep-seated need to see what’s over the horizon, even when it’s perfectly happy where it is. If you can catch an optimistic Sagittarius it’s a sure thing that it will always see your very best qualities.

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Sagittarius Compatibility Attributes

Sagittarius Attributes

Spending time with a Sagittarius is like living on a roller coaster – all you can do is hang on and enjoy the rush as the winds of change blow your hair back. The Archer is the explorer and traveler of the Zodiac and it quite enjoys its eventful life, even when chaos seems to reign supreme. Disorder doesn’t seem to faze flexible Sagittarius as it just looks upon the resulting confusion as an incubator for spawning new adventures.

Optimistic, almost to the point of being naive, the Archer looks on the bright side of everything. Sunny Sagittarius is seldom gloomy, even when faced with difficulties that would flatten other people. Part of this is due to the Archer’s philosophical way of looking at life. Sagittarius rarely engages with anything on an emotional level but instead uses logic and intellect to navigate its world.

Freedom is the Archer's most prized possession; in fact, it may be the only possession that the footloose Sagittarius has. The Archer isn’t likely to keep anything that holds it back, and that includes romantic partners. Sagittarius is the ultimate minimalist.


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Sagittarius Compatibility - Elements that Attract the Archer

Elements that Attract the Archer

Sagittarius is enthusiastic and excited about life and is interested in people who feel the same. To spark the Archer’s interest, tell them about your passions, your adventures, and your desires. Sagittarius doesn’t like boring people, so the more things you have to tell it, the higher the level of its interest is likely to be. Don’t forget to let the Archer tell you about its own dreams and experiences. Listen to Sagittarius with enthusiasm and ask intelligent questions to prove that you really are engaged in the conversation.

The Archer is fairly comfortable in the chaos its undisciplined life brings, but it is also aware that it is missing out on opportunities a more ordered life might bring its way. Sagittarius looks for a mate that has its life together and is going places. Show the Archer that you have goals and logical plans on how you will get there. Be specific about your dreams and describe your successes so far. Be sincere in what you are telling Sagittarius. The Archer will know if you are just blowing smoke if your logic is flawed or your plans aren’t well fleshed out.

Sagittarius is highly cerebral and wants a partner that can hold its own both in logical conversations or abstract flights of fancy. If you want to impress the Archer, be willing to explore many subjects and don’t be afraid of a good debate. Don’t worry if the discussion gets more than a little heated, Sagittarius usually doesn’t take it personally and, even if it does, it will probably forget about it by morning anyway. Holding grudges just isn’t the Archer’s way.

Flexibility is key when you are involved with Sagittarius. The Archer lives in the moment and plans may change from one instant to the next. Show your Sagittarius that you can roll with the punches by cheerfully going with the flow. You may discover you love it, since you’re allowed to change plans anytime as well, with the same jovial acceptance.


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Sagittarius Compatibility - Elements that Repel the Archer
Elements that Repel the Archer

The Archer hates to be tied down so the fastest way to send your Sagittarius on its way is to try and pin it down too quickly. You’ll know your Archer likes you if it spends a lot of time with you and changes its plans to work you in. If you insist on a more concrete relationship before Sagittarius is ready, you will simply trigger its rebellious nature and drive the Archer away, even if it was actually considering asking you for a commitment already. Tread lightly here and you will keep your Sagittarius coming back for more.

Sagittarius is very independent and looks for a partner that doesn’t need to be cossetted and pandered to all the time. Asking the Archer to spend every moment with you or getting upset when Sagittarius goes somewhere on its own isn’t going to endear you to your Archer mate. In order to have a healthy relationship with Sagittarius, you absolutely need to have your own friends and activities. Don’t feel guilty for having fun on your own – the Archer certainly won’t. Think of these times apart as future subjects of exciting conversation between the two of you, as well as a way to give each of you a chance to miss one another.

The Archer can be very difficult to pin down and its plans (if you can call them that) alter constantly. Being very rigid and insisting that Sagittarius conforms to your schedule and way of life simply won’t work for the Archer. Sagittarius needs freedom to follow its interests and if you berate the Archer for simply being itself, it may not come back. In fact, trying to control Sagittarius in any way is likely to backfire. If the Archer does comply, do you really want it to spend time with you because it has to and not because it wants to?


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Sagittarius Compatibility - It’s All About Adventure
Acquiring a Sagittarius - It’s All About Adventure

Sagittarius is full of life and has an inborn desire to roam. The positive Archer is always ready for fun and excitement and is happy to bring you along for the ride. Sagittarius won’t crowd you and doesn’t expect you to devote your whole world to your relationship. If exploring new territory, both mental and physical, is something you are looking for and you love the thrill of constant change, the adventurous Archer is the perfect mate for you.

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