2011 Horoscope for Tiger Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Tiger

Chinese 2011 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Tiger, for the 2011 White Metal RABBIT Year

The 2011 year of White Metal Rabbit will be a very successful year for Tiger in his career and business development. Tiger has all to achieve success: perseverance, hard work, optimism, good health and healthy ambitions. Tiger will feel relaxed, he will be pleased that all his plans are working out, and his life acquires a sustained and non-stop movement uphill. Perhaps no one can stop him in this path. No one, except ... himself. The fact is that Tiger feels assured only if he has a reliable rear of relationships within the family. But his workaholism and total immersion in career affairs can play a cruel joke with his family and love relationships, loosening and weakening them. Tiger should be aware that one should not test to the limit those things that require a regular flow of feelings, -love and understanding. The year 2011 of the metal rabbit expects from Tiger calm attitude towards others and to make informed decisions, tolerance in relations with a partner and the desire to understand and to hear other people's feelings. Career is good, but any, even the most brilliant professional achievements of Tiger can easily erase the fragile relationship with a partner and lack of mental balance because of family troubles.

2011 horoscope for Tiger of wood element

According to the horoscope for the 2011 year of the White Rabbit, family and private life in early 2011 of the representatives of the zodiac sign Wood Tiger will experience hard times. On the other hand, starting from late spring of 2011, the personal life of Wood Tiger will witness a new period, transforming and eliminating any obstacles to your happiness.

2011 horoscope for Tiger of fire element

In the 2011 year of the White Rabbit, Fire Tigers cannot rely on luck, but if you dear Tigers will use all available reserves of courage, bravery and boldness, then everything in 2011 could occur under a favorable scenario for you. But in your personal life, you still need to be more reserved and not to your partner with too much pressure.

2011 horoscope for Tiger of earth element

Apparently, under the influence of your inner need for recognition and respect from others, 2011 year of the white rabbit will begin with resounding success for the Earth Tiger. In 2011, the most ambitious of your efforts will be actualized, you will quickly climb the corporate ladder. Everything will also be fine in your personal life, people close to you will provide full support and will even be willing to agree to any whims emanating from Tiger.

2011 horoscope for Tiger of metal element

In your horoscope, the 2011 year of the white Rabbit will be traced by a considerable line, indicating the importance of discipline in the lives of members of your sign. In addition, the Metal Tiger perfectly knows how to behave in a Rabbit year, how to present his best side and how to get what he wants, which will eventually become the strongest tool in professional sphere of his interests. In the sphere of love and relationships, the situation of 2011 will not be that problem-free, there will be ups and downs, like in any other year.

2011 horoscope for Tiger of water element

Be as straightforward and disciplined, and then Water Tigers will be able to overcome any difficulties in 2011 year of the White Rabbit. Water Tigers should succeed in a sort of grand project, scheduled for 2011. Be as tender as possible in love and then, despite all your faults, your loved one will melt in your arms.

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