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2013 August Horoscope

Free August 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly August 2013 Horoscope
Monthly August 2013 Horoscope

In August 2013, the Sun will significantly strengthen its positive influence on the inhabitants of the Earth, which, of course, will especially affect the representatives of those zodiac signs in which the Sun is exalted, or it appears as their celestial ruler, meaning it is that is responsible for the blossoming of the strength of that zodiac sign. At the same time, those signs that receive the positive influence from the Moon and Uranus may find themselves in some extremely negative situations, since the position of these planets in August is strongly opposed to the effusions coming from the Sun. Also, a special attention should be paid to Mars and Mercury, and here is won't matter to what zodiac sign one belongs. During this month, Mars will literally "explode" inside and its turbulent, unrestrained energy will splash on Earth in a form of a frantic wave. This will cause some serious problems to psychologically unstable people, even more serious than what the ones that can be brought by the full Moon. For all else Mars will be a fierce opponent, trying to ruin all plans related to the love life. However, on the other hand, during this month many zodiac signs will have very strong protective combinations, and besides being a little bit cautious you will have no need to pay any attention to this planet.

However, the same thing will not happen with Mercury, especially not with the signs that belong to the Water and Earth trines. The patron of trade will focus all of its active negative energy precisely on these signs. What can cause this? More specifically, it will be shown by the stellar combination of each individual sign, but generally it can be said that it would be better if the Water and the Earth signs do not get themselves involved in entrepreneurial activities. For these signs of the zodiac, August 2013 should become the time of careful attention towards your own experiments, on which you could completely base your future development strategy, but only with making an adjustment, caused by the appearance of new and actual circumstances. Thus, the Fire and the Air signs can stay relaxed when it comes to the business aspect. Moreover, the central signs of these trines (Libra and Leo) can count on some extremely lucky circumstances. This means that it is necessary to active all internal resources and try to work hard, so that in the future you can reap fruits that are worth all of your efforts.

Incidentally, during this month the stars promise an enjoyable bonus to the Fire and Air signs - the strongest from the "celestial leaders". The Sun will be one of these leaders for the Fire trine, while for the Earth trine the celestial leader will be Uranus. It is only logical that the Sun will have a double (and sometimes a triple) positive influence on some signs. The transition of the Sun in the Leo sign, which is traditionally not taken very well by many zodiac signs, will practically be able to completely neutralize its own negative effusions. Uranus will bring additional success in the love life of the Air signs and even Mars, most likely, will not be able to interfere with it. This is why the Water signs, whose "celestial leader" will be Neptune, can practically count on the complete protection from Mercury. It is true that this position of the celestial bodies will uncover other "flanks" of the water signs. The representatives of the Earth trine will have a "celestial leader", which to an equal degree will spread out it protections to all aspects of their lives, truly it will be a mediocre protection, blocking no more than 20% of the negative energy. And so, Saturn will make an appearance as a sufficiently "lethargic" protector, the Lord of time. However, once again, each individual situation will develop on its own.

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