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2013 July Horoscope

Free July 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly July 2013 Horoscope
Monthly July 2013 Horoscope

During July 2013, things will be going pretty well for the majority of the zodiac signs. Is it even worth thinking about bad things in the midst of the summer heat, when nature itself charges us with positive energy? The stars are telling us, that it is worth doing so. Some celestial bodies from the solar system will try to play with our animalistic instincts and base desires, which can lead to negative consequences. The first planet to which we should pay special attention is Venus. Throughout the entire month of July, the goddess of love will be moving in the sign of Gemini, and will itself as the direct enemy of Mars. As a result, if Mars is neutral or spreads positive influence to all zodiac signs during July, then Venus will try to counteract that positive influence that she had given us during the month of July. The time keeper, Saturn, will help Venus achieve this goal. A few "lucky" ones can thank this couple for its influence. However, the Sun, which will be moving in the Cancer sign, will give everyone a big amount of positivity, especially in the business aspect. Mercury, our irreplaceable patron of trade, will also be gifting many zodiac signs with a lot of favorable energy.

In regards to the "celestial leaders" only two trines, the Air trine and the Earth trine, will be able to show off their additional patrons. The "celestial leader" of the water trine will be Mars, which was aforementioned. Mars will help Gemini, Libra and Aquarius to overcome many obstacles related to both their personal and professional lives. However, you should not count on the total support from this planet. In order to achieve the desired results you will need to do your part as well. Yet, the fierce god of war will be able to shield his proteges from a significant amount of problems, about which the representatives of these signs will never find out. A similar situation will be developing with the representatives of the Earth trine. Their new "celestial leader", Uranus, which usually doesn't show much its positivity, in July 2013, this secretive planet will give its support to the Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs. Most likely, Uranus will affect to a higher degree the luck and fortune of these signs, thus the signs of the Earth trine should know that in case if they suddenly win the lottery, it was all thanks to this celestial body. As far as the Water and Fire trine, they can either count on their celestial rules or on the planets exalted in them.

For those who are planning any kind of family (or other) events in July 2013, should remember that Venus will not be on their side. However, there are some zodiac signs that the wrath of the goddess of love will just pass them by. These are the signs for which Venus shows as their "celestial ruler" or the signs in which Venus is exalted in. However, in each case the situation will develop individually, and a more exact result can be determined once other factors are taken into account. At the same time, all of the signs from the zodiac should be ready for different types of problems in their love lives. Especially, there will be many situations related to past relationships. We will be pushed in this direction by the guardian of the temporary streams, Saturn. Working along with Venus, this powerful planet can "dig" out from our past many negative moments, which will not take long to appear in our present. Thus, all zodiac signs should be especially attentive and vigilant throughout this month.

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