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2013 October Horoscope

Free October 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly October 2013 Horoscope
Monthly October 2013 Horoscope

In October 2013, the position of the celestial bodies in the solar system will be quite stable and favorable practically towards all zodiac signs. Despite the traditional potential of the astral streams, typical for the peak position of the fall's energy, many celestial rulers will have very positive influence over the zodiac signs they rule, and at the same time, they will spread their influence over the neighboring zodiac signs. These celestial bodies, whose energy impulses will be particularly strong in October, include, first of all, Mercury and Mars. These planets will be ones that will have the strongest positive influence on the residents of the Earth. Due to this, the stellar patron of trade and the fierce celestial warrior do not intend to focus only on the zodiac signs, for which they appear as rulers or are exalted in. It is not difficult to guess that Mercury will be helping in the business aspect, while Mars will render its strength in the fight for the heart of the "beautiful lady" (or for the heart of the "knight in a shining armor", as they say, to each his own). At the same time, along with Mercury and Mars, the mysterious Uranus will also be friendly to inhabitants of the Earth, which is not a very strong planet in terms of positive energy; however, Uranus will be able to make significant adjustments to the live of each person.

However, besides the aforementioned planets, each of the four celestial trines will receive one additional patron in October 2013. This is why, fortunately, there will be no zodiac sign, which will be deprived from a celestial patron. As a result, there are some signs who can expect special treatment (of course, in a positive way). For example, the Water trine. Regardless of its affiliation with a particular stellar Cross, the representatives of the Water trine will be full of powerful, unbridled energy, which they can use at their discretion. They should thank Saturn for this. The Lord of time will be able to organize, concentrate and distribute the energy impulses of the other planets to such an extent, that each representative of the Water trine will truly become a proud owner of vast amounts of fierce energy, which, by the way, does not only break through the walls. The signs of the Earth trine will be as lucky in respect to their "celestial leader". This role will be taken on by the Moon in October 2013. Moreover, the younger sister of the celestial King, to some extent, will change its classical tradition and focus more on the work aspect, by passing on the "love life" of the Earth trine to the other stellar objects. The Fire signs will be placed under the special protection of the Black Moon, the dark twin of our only satellite. This astral body, has an extremely vague influence on the inhabitants of the Earth, in October, however, it will be really supportive of the Fire trine, especially in the business aspect. The Sun will become the "celestial leader" of the Air trine, which also guarantees unique bonuses to the representatives of this trine, the emergence and implementation of which will be very individual.

In regards to the negative aspect of the stellar combinations, in October 2013, it is important to remember only two planets - Venus and Jupiter. In this case, the goddess of love will only work in her intended direction: she will try to destroy any harmonious relationships between family and friends. While on the other hand, Jupiter will be more versatile: he will try to equally influence each aspect of the life of all the zodiac signs. However, taking into account some of the individual moments, the representative of each zodiac sign will be quite capable of reducing the negative influence of these planets to a minimum.

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