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2014 April Horoscope

Free April 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly April 2014 Horoscope
Monthly April 2014 Horoscope

In April 2014, the general position of the celestial bodies in the Solar System will be quite satisfactory, however there will be a crisis emerging in terms of energy, especially when compared to the previous month. Many planet-rulers and planet-exalts will not be able to fully fulfill their duties for their earthly protege. At the same time, some planets with negative attitudes will not be fully able to implement their aggression as well. Among the planets that are especially sentimental towards Earthlings are first of all Mars and Neptune. The red planet will be sufficiently strong compared with the background of its comrades, so its energy will be enough for a balanced and comprehensive help to all trigons. The same will go for Neptune, albeit it is weaker than Mars in terms of energy, but it is easily capable of blocking aggressive mental waves. The Sun should also be mentioned. The ruler of the celestial band will have mixed success in occupying the leading positions in terms of astral energy during this month and strictly speaking, the conditions of other planets will depend on the Sun. The Sun is uniquely favourable towards humans, especially in the first ten-day period of the month.

In terms of the "celestial leaders", additional allies to different trigons, only one trigon will be misfortunate - Fire. The signs of this trigon will sadly be without bonus support. Remember that this does not at all mean that the signs of the Fire element will have a hard time and that their lives will be much worse. It is just that during certain moments, the trigon of Fire will have to depend just on itself while the other signs have an extra ally. This is of course a handicap but nothing critical. The trigon of Water will receive the Moon as its "celestial leader" this month. The younger sister of the Sun will focus its active positive energy on the area of personal relationships, though it is very likely that other areas of life will also receive a portion of the positivity. People born under the sign of the Air trigon, will receive Uranus, one of the most mystical planets whose influence on the lives of people is not yet fully determined by astrologists. Nevertheless, in this month Uranus will be quite nice to the Air signs, which most likely will manifest itself into surprising, but pleasant situations born at the workplace and among family. The signs of the Earth trigon will receive a "celestial leader" which is just as interesting. Saturn, the patron of the time flows of the Universe, will be able to defend its proteges from silly mistakes, clearly showing the key stages of the past while giving advice what and how should you do to reach the effective result.

In terms of the aggressive celestial bodies, then here you should first mention Venus, which does not want to have positive contact with people for the second month in a row. Sadly, but April 2014 will continue this tendency of the past period and the planet will continue inhibiting people on their way to their sacred goals. Mercury will concur with Venus, but it will focus its negative energy not on its beloved sphere (the sphere of trade), but like the heavenly priestess it will focus on the area of human relationships. Luckily, this tandem concludes the list of planets with negative attitudes towards Earth's inhabitants.

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