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2014 March Horoscope

Free March 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly March 2014 Horoscope
Monthly March 2014 Horoscope

The third month of the year 2014 will be an active time in relation to the astral energy emanations, which will aid an entrepreneurial and persistent individual to achieve new heights. Such a positive atmosphere will occur primarily due to quite a curious combination of Mercury and the Moon. In March, Mercury will significantly strengthen its own positivity, due to which it will feed additional energy to more than just the signs to which it is an exalt or ruler. Practically all signs will receive a bonus from the Ruler of the Trade Ways. The Moon's role, however, will go down to a minimum. Our planet's only companion will serve as a sort of a prism to the creative energy of Mercury, focusing it on one or another object. As a result, the sphere of business and entrepreneurship will bring many victories to practically all signs. Of course, for a more detailed forecast you must consider the individual characteristics of a person, as well as the individual combinations of his zodiac sign. Together with that, we must acknowledge the special attitude of the Master of Mysteries, Uranus, towards us the Earthlings. In March, the Patron of Sacral Knowledge will periodically grant the chosen ones unique opportunities, the exploitation of which will grant representatives of this or that trigon outstanding results.

In relation to the "celestial leaders", unfortunately this month will not bring luck to all elements. The trigons of Air and Water will be left without additional protection in March. Of course, this does not indicate that either Aquarius or Cancer, for example, will fail at absolutely everything. All can go well even without "celestial leaders", since many of astrological indications are strictly individual and without accounting certain factors you cannot form definitive conclusions. Although, of course, it is best to have two guardian angels behind your back instead of one, so the trigons of Earth and Fire have some advantages in this sense. The "celestial leader" of the Earth signs will be Mars, the ruthless warrior or the Solar System. The Red Planet will especially aid the business direction, which including several general combinations (including, for example, the Moon and Mercury) provides some signs with virtually a guarantee of success even in the most risky projects. However, the "celestial leader" of the Fire trigon, Saturn, will focus on a completely different area of life - the area of personal relationships with friends and close ones. On one side, this will provide the fire signs some level of certainty on the love front, on the other side it also hints at certain guarantees of stability of the upcoming life stage in terms of the general positive atmosphere.

With that, you should not forget that we have not yet had a case in history where all celestial bodies were positive towards the Earth's inhabitants. March 2014 will not be an exception. You should especially pay attention to the negativity of Neptune. In March, this planet will be especially aggressive, due to which some signs can seriously suffer from its energetic emanations, especially in the financial area. The love front will also not be as successful for all trigons as they might have wished. The culprit behind this situation will be Venus, which has decided to show the dark side of its essence in March. However, you should understand that the full level of danger could only be determined when you consider individual predictions.

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