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May 2014 monthly horoscope
May 2014 will be relatively sympathetic to the Earth’s inhabitants due to the certain energy emanations from the celestial bodies of the Solar System. In addition, the recently passing energy crisis during this time will have very positive consequences. Nature, as it is known, does not like emptiness, which means that the lack of energy during one moment will definitely be substituted with an abundance during another, and that abundance is currently positive. On the other side, with the increase in power of positive waves, the negative waves are also getting stronger, but more on that below. The brightest and the most dynamic ally of the human kind this time will be Mercury, which undoubtedly leads to victories and successes on the field of business and entrepreneurship. At the same time, this fact also excludes any problems with health, which together with the general positive influence of Venus makes the year 2014 an ideal time to continue procreating. The pairs that are having difficulties in this regard should pay special attention. The stars will be especially nice to them during this period. Apart from that, you should note the Black Moon, one of the most mystical astral bodies of our Universe. While this fateful sister of the silver Moon we know from childhood is capable to bring much negativity into a human’s life, this time it will be fully on our side.

In terms of the “celestial leaders”, in May 2014 this will be the situation. Each of the elemental trigons will receive one additional patron, which will generally provide the atmosphere of the forecasted period some bright and positive light. The Earth trigon may boast one of the strongest allies – Mars. The red planet will focus its attention on the love front of the representatives of the Earth element. This means that you should not fear competitors in this aspect, even though you should review your sign individually to account for all circumstances and positive moments. The trigon of Air will be under the patronage of the Moon. Undoubtedly, the little sister of the King of the Skies might enter into counter-relationships with its dark antipode, the result of which would be impossible to predict, but due to the general combinations, this result will be most likely positive. The trigons of Fire and Water in May 2014 will receive the one and same “celestial leader” – Saturn. This, generally not-so-rare occurrence is not that common either. As a result, both trigons will be given a bundle of help evenly distributed onto all areas of their lives. In regards to the celestial bodies of the Solar System that will be negative towards people during this period, the Sun should be noted primarily. Sadly, but all of the solar energy will be negative in May 2014. This, undoubtedly, will have consequences for all areas of the human lives, though in each particular situation individual combinations will mostly affect everything. Nevertheless, this factor should be considered primarily and in any situation. Besides the Sun, Jupiter will also provide some negative emanations. While the influence of this planet is much weaker, it should still be accounted for, since while combining with the Sun it can bring any trigon a plethora of problems.

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