Horoscope for November 2014

2014 November Horoscope

Free November 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly November 2014 Horoscope
Monthly November 2014 Horoscope

In terms of the combinations of various astral energy flows, November 2014 might become some sort of trampoline for further development for some zodiac Houses. This has mostly to do with the sphere of entrepreneurship. In terms of the love front, there will be much less significant events during the forecasted period, although this sphere can surprise and bring joy to many people of our beautiful planet. Altogether, November will be a good month in 2014, positive in many regards and helpful towards both spiritual and creative development. Among the celestial bodies of the Solar System responsible for such a state of affairs, we should mostly note two tandems. The first one is the Sun and Saturn, responsible for us being capable of accounting for our past mistakes and overcoming any difficulty without losses and with a spectacularly positive result. The second tandem is one of Uranus and Mars, which will allow us to enter into the tough battle with the aggressive circumstances and easily defeat them. As a result, four whole planets will be our true allies this month and will not only allow us to save our own energy while solving complex situations, but also will allow us to reach our goals in the shortest of times.

Nevertheless, some zodiac House could use additional allies in November 2014, since the forces of "darkness" do not sleep even in the most positive moments of our lives. Maybe in trivial matters, but negativity will definitely manifest itself; in fact, sometimes even trivial matters may accumulate and be much more dangerous than open aggression. However, only two trigons will have celestial leaders this month. It is certain that the trigons of Air and Fire will not receive any additional help this month. While the overall state of astral fronts will be quite positive, such a statement should be evaluated on an individual basis. The Water trigon will receive Venus as its "celestial leader", a planet both strong and tender, and at times capricious just like the northern legendary Valkyrie. Such a state will undoubtedly have the most positive of effects when projected onto the sphere of personal relationships. That means that the signs of the Water element (and especially for representatives of the cardinal cross) everything will be very positive in this area, regardless of any potential dangers. For the Earth trigon, the Sun will play the role of the "celestial leader". The signs of this element will receive practically double solar positivity: on one side from a leading celestial body of a general positive combination, on the other from their own personal "celestial leader". It would be needless to say how many positive moments such an alignment can bring.

However, no matter how well everything would come together, there are always planets with not such positive attitudes among the planets of our system. Among such "foes" is first of all Neptune. The ruler of the celestial and earthly waters will be very mean and aggressive in November 2014. It is hard to determine the true reason behind his behaviour, but one thing is certain - the sum negativity will be strong and dynamic. The influence of this planet will be especially evident with the airy personalities with a tendency for free creativity. At the same time, the Black Moon will direct the waves of its mystical negativity towards those that value reason too much, proclaiming its primacy over feelings. These two planets will probably determine the main outcome of the astral battle from the "dark" side during this period. Overall, however, there will be multiples of positivity when compared of negativity.

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