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2014 September Horoscope

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Monthly September 2014 Horoscope
Monthly September 2014 Horoscope

After the extremely negative and unstable August, September 2014 will seem to be true paradise to many of the zodiac signs. It will be so indeed, even without looking at the past. However, you should not expect overcoming and enchanting success in all ventures, or that any project will be fulfilled with minimal effort. You will still have to work. Another question is that luck will accompany the actions of all zodiac signs, while the amount of problematic issues will fall. This situation will arise due to the exclusively positive combinations of the Sun, Venus and the Moon. These three planets establish the so-called "purple triangle", and the zodiac Houses that fall under its influence (this is 10 out of the 12 celestial constellations) will automatically receive a multitude of bonuses. At a minimum, no one will have to try too hard in his or her relationships with the opposite sex. This will certainly ease the life to those whose work is connected with constant communication. Such bonuses are certainly positive on the love front as well. This way, the celestial bodies are very positive towards the Earth's inhabitants during this time, and will give priority to the qualitative, not the quantitative characteristic.

With that, among the "celestial leaders" there will be a slightly different tendency. Only two out of the four celestial trigons will receive an extra patron. Even then, the power of these planets and their ability to influence events in a positive way is very doubtful. For example, the Air trigon will receive Uranus, as its celestial leader in September 2014, which is a generally strong planet, will not be too active during this period. The energy flows of this celestial body are quite capable of surpassing all negative barriers, but the thing is that the positive emanations of the "purple triangle" may fully undermine all of Uranus's efforts. This situation is hardly critical, but there is some negative fallout remaining at least because the Air signs will not receive the support from an ally, which could have otherwise changed he development of many events. A similar situation will happen with the representatives of the Earth trigon, which will have the Black Moon as their "celestial leader". It seems that this astral body is powerful enough to compete with any celestial body of the Solar System! This is so, but not in September, when the Black Moon will focus most of its energy onto itself. This situation is not frequent, but not infrequent either. In the end, the help of the Moon's dark twin is also a doubtful issue. At the same time, the Fire and Water trigons will not have a "celestial leader".

In relation to the planets that will emanate just negative emanations, Mars and Jupiter should be especially noted. These are serious foes, which you will have to account for regardless of what allies are covering for you. Of course, a lot depends on your decisions, but ignoring the danger is silly, even when you have total confidence in the victory. The red planet will focus its attention on the sphere of work, while the ruler of the celestial rivers of time will try to break through the situation on the love front. It is likely that during various moments, Jupiter and Neptune will support this duo. However, this is not a definite element of the forecasted period, and it does not relate to defining, or even secondary factors.

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