2016 Horoscope for Pig Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Pig

Chinese 2016 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Pig, for the 2016 Red Fire MONKEY Year

Year of Monkey 2016 for those born under sign of Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)
At year of Monkey 2016, Chinese horoscope does not have any special advice for Pigs. Think about it: Monkey inhabit the green forests, Pig lives his life since he is a sucker to become an adult pig in a pen of pigs. What they have in common these animals? "Nothing" - say and it is true. Pig belongs to one of those Zodiac signs whose lives heavenly restless sponsor this period rather not get involved. You can continue without risk your designed plan and not fear influence of a higher power.

At year of Monkey 2016 may appear in your personal life certain problems, which will bring more than a few unpleasant moments. In some unbearable stages, you will want to send everything to hell, hiding in a dark corner with a violet, which was create by the Lord God for growing in the field and flourish, and not to prepare oatmeal porridge for dinnertime with family. Chinese horoscope warns Pig not swayed by selfish feelings in any case. Bite your teeth; hold your helmet and let putting your nose up - damned Fate cannot break! Universe now tests us stability generating a fighting spirit, without which the man - is not a human being, but a shapeless jelly. If during critical time Pig will be lazy and get off aside, problem could solve without your participation, but after a while same situation comes back. If you are going to help who felt on disgrace risking your head you have to do it alone. Have not you thought that those who left to fend family and friends will refrain giving you a hand?

Regarding loving affairs, some pigs at year Monkey 2016 will pretend being boars - free and unmanageable. They will want revelry, mischief, having a mistress or make crazy several representatives opposite sex. Horoscope does not advise its observers launching into everything, because wildlife is full of dangers and traps. Where is the guarantee not to fall into traps of insidious predators that suck drop by drop all your vital juices, leaving only an empty shell? Remember, battles of love are not a game over a single lap, and if someone is injured, eventually someone will cause injury to you as well. Pigs should be analytical in their relationships, and avoid problems and suffering. Much happier romantic relationships will develop snout household representatives. This people impressions and adrenaline will not seek and prefer instead of tense moods and surprises, warm shelter and a hearty dinner. Couples who are ready for family comfort and sharing everyday life, things in 2016 will be better with a trip to the mountains. Lovers finally get long-awaited harmony and mutual understanding.

On the working area, Pigs will have to demonstrate wit and diligence. Unfortunately, they do not take care us neither guarantee three large meals a day, no one will, but do not assume risks of being on holiday table with an apple into your mouth. You are a hard worker, and not only as supervisor, with the role of overseeing work progress each person, but as a simple employee. You must consider that every minute you spend away from office - means benefits and opportunities lost. Horoscope enforce to admit that subordinate Pigs at year of Monkey 2016 will feel offended because they lose most profitable agreements if they will not close to visionary leaders and experts to prevent closure. You know that leaving things to run their course in such conditions is extremely undesirable. However, you should not go too far; moreover, not rush to fall on employees with obscene language if you suddenly find that they leave longer profitable customers waiting at door and stomped competitors. Imagine all those around you suffer from myopia (and therefore do not see beyond their noses); however, you have one hundred percent of vision. Should you blame a man for his physical disability? Conversely, you will be unhappy if he crash on the curb and overturned in road traffic. An observation: passersby will help free, but support they gave you for your project promises a jackpot.

At year of Monkey, Pig will be useless to refrain from intrigues and divisions in the office. The horoscope advises handlers all kind and rank remembering that this animal has a keen smell sense allowing him to find truffles under a fallen leaves layer. Representative this Zodiacal sign in the "One-Two" will solve a cunning and insidious plan, as understood who want to use them as cannon fodder and take revenge joining other party. In this case, good external nature and slowness of Pig are ideal to undertaking effectively enemy destruction. Believe me, it was even more unpleasant for them, and cursed when they decided Pig become a pawn in their game. In year of Monkey 2016 go your own way and not be afraid to take up your nose and head stuck in the mud. After all, who says that a mud bath is harmful?

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Comments: 2016 Horoscope Pig

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2016 AOD 2019-03-12 17:38:15
All I want to do is to restore & honor the dark side of my life as much as I really deserve to have all of that into my life as much as I'm never here to say that it's going to effect me in the very most Negative inspiration against my life at all. From this here is only the matter of this restoration of the good inspiration for me to feel very over-ambitious about what I really want to finish off from my favorite CLASSIC FORTUNE from this 2016 fortune of my life regardless!!

Fallen from light - Reborn in Shadow!! 😎
I have something to say about this fortune here 2019-03-10 12:38:39
Out of all the rest of the monkeys from this one here which is my favorite one all the way through the rest of the other monkeys will always literally stay on the same side with me because we're both fixed signs as much as I expect for him to support me so much which will be very nice of him!! 😍
crazycock 2016-04-11 05:52:14
This horoscope will become very accurate for a pig ex of mine - as the horoscope says here, you simply cannot injure others (emotionally) and not expect for them to fight back to cause injury. I love this horoscope for my pig ex and pray that everything in 3Rd paragraph re: love affairs - due to him, comes to fruition 😄
Piggy 2016-03-14 01:25:11
Another bad year for piggies!! I already faced several major upheavals related to work and relationship in the last 3 months. Unfortunately there is no end in sight, just been given the pink slip from work. Another year wasted with little hope for success, achievement and happiness. This is very frustrating as I have been experiencing so much obstacles for the past 10 years. This is emotionally draining
Monique Nguyen 2016-05-27 14:17:52
😭 I am in same boat. I will get laid-off as June 01, 2016.
I have struggled almost all of my life.
Today I am 57 years old.
Nothing good in relationship or career.
I have a college degree.
Well, I have 10 more years to go before I can fold.
Single, no money for retirement.
Now I am just enjoying one day at time by be HAPPY, PEACE.
Good luck to you.
Many blessings to you from our Heavenly Father.
Thms86 2016-02-22 08:42:48
It is nasty, especially reading on behalf of someone else. Seems completely biased; for whatever reason the author has
spw 2015-12-16 22:41:23
This horoscope is simply nasty!
? 2016-02-01 16:16:23
Tell me how is this horoscope nasty?

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