2016 Horoscope for Rooster Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Rooster

Chinese 2016 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Rooster, for the 2016 Red Fire MONKEY Year

Year of Monkey 2016 for those born under sign of Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005)
If yours heavenly patron - Rooster, then get ready for year 2016 in your poultry backyard fluff and feathers flying. Sponsor year of Monkey is particularly honest, not malicious or bloodthirsty, but it is very reckless. He did not pursue Rooster intending to attach meat on his dinner diet or ripping their tail feathers to decorate hats, but will not resist temptation setting unlawful cockfights. However, maybe both sponsors come to fit a tote for feathered tails betting this year. For this reason, higher powers will come from time to time to check their forces, placing a pair of strong and cunning adversaries. The first scenario in which Rooster will have to make a worthy battle against opponents - will be loving affairs arena. Do not worry; you will not have to fight with your own satellite in life and her misunderstandings, complexes and prejudices. Rooster tails Sultans expect a regular competition for attention opposite sex. Horoscope warns that enemy will fly to you, as soon as Monkey comes up for his right. Heavenly sponsors are not going to wait until you can avoid blow, save your money and tossing your body. If you are on second half of the path, will rather starting courtship ritual as soon as possible, so that when your opponent appears on horizon, your prey will yet seduced, fed and ringed.

People, who have not yet decided whether current partner is truly their soul mate, face in year of Monkey 2016 a hard selection problem. Goddess of love, Venus, decides to make Rooster internal dissonances even stronger and launch alternative unhappy love. Do not rush to rejoice, thinking that Year of Monkey horoscope promises to become familiar with a personality taken from pages fashion magazines. It is no way. Person who appears in your life, there is nothing extraordinary or transcendent, that?s it just tragic face situation. You, Rooster, will be completely disoriented: one, still attracting by new object of your interest, on the other hand - waiting for you at home a tested couple for as long as, in principle, no worse partner. Need to choose between two options, which do not differ, so much can lead representative winged harem to nervous exhaustion. Do not ruin your neurons in vain. Think about this: if you are not ready to run into a new passion to the end of the world, defying all conventions, obstacles and difficulties, that means matter of such overwhelming feeling, will not result at all. Has it sense dismissing your better half and build castles on air with a person whose perfection and uniqueness not sure? If you change a piece of bread, do it only for a French croissant, not a Borodino loaf.

In 2016, Monkey will offer Rooster proving Sherlock Holmes role at the business office level. Representatives of this Zodiac sign will be exciting to devote poring over most confusing things and solving business puzzles. For this reason, Chinese horoscope does not advise others build a network against main bully poultry farm, especially if it takes the pipe, by extension, the brains, to understand who runs the ropes of plot, and then launching to fore. Rooster relate to people who are not only able to identify real enemy within a flock of noisy birds, but also not afraid starting bad person open confrontation. You will not be picking grain on a trough with undesirables, and will prefer immediately clear who is the property owner to rid off opponents from your territory. Zodiac sign negative trait it is excessive boasting. Rooster - is a classic Hollywood movie villain - who beat foolish main hero, and discovered his ambitious plans to conquer Universe. During his extended monologue, positive character gathers all his strength and rightly throws against the criminal mind a hidden knife in his boot. Moral of the story: if you have your opponent into a corner, then do not waste time on notifications, teachings and triumphant speeches - that way you will not award any Oscar. Stick to your plan for revenge end to end and return to your daily activities.

In the year of Monkey 2016, Chinese horoscope advises Rooster paying special attention to its image within working team. If others think you are an arrogant windbag, you need urgently to fix this situation! Bad reputation can harm Rooster's career, and ordinary routine matters bring nothing good negative rumors. Have a little more tact and understanding for people, and they will surely compensate you. Horoscope recommends Rooster remember that office - it is not a hencoop, and that he leads a team of specialists, not a flock of chickens without brain, which required him handling appropriately working relationships with their colleagues. This year, do not put so much "chest front wheel" and do not make noise with your "beak", then your leadership will not be in danger!

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jdh 2016-02-02 17:50:07
I really like your website but the english translation is pretty inaccurate this year, you need someone to proof read it!!
crazy cock 2015-10-31 02:07:21
This 2016 horoscope article was a little hard to comprehend and understand. What I did gather is that 2016 will be more challenging than 2015 only worse because in Monkey years a fight with enemies always seem inevitable. Also, it is a horrible year for single c*ck as most of the Monkey year is spent on fighting and not loving. Oh well, better luck in 2017 😉

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