Horoscope for December 2016

2016 December Horoscope

Free December 2016 monthly Horoscope

Monthly December 2016 Horoscope
Monthly December 2016 Horoscope

On the whole, 2016 will prove to be incredibly dynamic, at least in comparison with the previous year cycles (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018). And December will be quite a natural ending of this exceptionally bright and changeable phase. It is obvious that any process tends to lose the momentum during the final phase, but on the other hand, a flying arrow gains its maximum speed in the last few meters of its flight. The idea is that December will seem uneventful only at first glance. Now the solar activity will go down a little, the Moon, on the other hand, will take the place of your main patron, and this moment will definitely be reflected in the life of each of us. Regardless of belonging to a certain natural trine or zodiac sign, we will be directly guided by our emotions in December, which will be not typical of the "year of progress", the year of reason and mind. In addition to the key influence coming from the Moon, we will be also empowered by Venus, which in previous months indulged the inhabitants of the earth with its influence. As a result, our sensory-emotional sphere will get completely evident and certain "bonuses": we will experience fewer ambiguities and our emotions will feel more real to us.

When talking about the celestial objects of the solar system that will be "on the opposite side" in December 2016, we'll be lucky to have just of a few of them. The first thing to note is the position of Mars, and in this case the amount is not irrelevant, because the quality will be "on their side". Mars is a strong and, let's say, radical planet with its influence always being straight and extremely dynamic. In principle, from a certain point of view, this is a plus, because we'll be able to see our problems clearly and there won't be a need to figure out who our opponents and enemies are. We won't have to participate in any backroom intrigues, everything will be much easier. Of course, we are talking about some basic and, to a certain extent, averaged trends, which depending on the sign can be quite different from the original and tend to twist and acquire fundamentally different forms. In addition to Mars, the Black Moon will turn out to be our main enemy; it's an exceptionally original astronomical body, which even in a uniquely positive position will remain a totally unpredictable "thing". Now the Black Moon will bring into our lives maximum uncertainty and ambiguity, although considering the overall positive tendencies these moments won't be prevailing. Nevertheless, we will get quite a furious and spicy energy mix due to the combination of these two planets.

In general, December of 2016 will be a rather challenging and difficult time, but not too difficult. Everything will take place within our own possibilities, we won't be required to show any super-human capacities, and in most cases it will be sufficient to take preventive measures based on the proper analysis of the circumstances and attention to details. Also, we shouldn't forget that some trines will gain additional patrons at this stage. Uranus will become a "heavenly leader" for the air trine (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius); Mercury will play the same role for the earth trine (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). The fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) trines won't be as lucky and will get no additional support in this sense. And, despite the fact that it won't be a huge disadvantage, yet any astrological support is always better than a complete absence of it. But in any case, each of the characters has a real opportunity to fully withstand any adverse circumstances and to get to the predetermined targets by the end of the year.

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