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2016 February Horoscope

Free February 2016 monthly Horoscope

Monthly February 2016 Horoscope
Monthly February 2016 Horoscope

The second month of the winter of 2016 will be quite stable and incredibly successful for many zodiac signs, especially for those who belong to the fire trigon. In general, the most successful field in the coming period will be in the area of entrepreneurship and business; the most tangible bonuses be awaiting those who decide to start their own business this month. The main patron of this time period will be, as it is not difficult to guess, Mercury. The cunning, to put it mildly, ruler of the trade routes between heaven and earth will get help from Saturn and Venus. However, it will be to a different extent. That is the goddess of love, as befits a frivolous lady, who is unlikely to honor us with her stay throughout the month; most of her assistance will be impulsive and sporadic. Nevertheless, this triangle will turn out quite powerful, with some exceptions, and it will be capable of providing all the inhabitants of Earth with sustainable development in the coming stage of life. Of course, things will largely unfold in an individual manner. However, it does not mean that it doesn't make sense to take into account general trends. General and individual horoscopes complement each other, allowing you to identify the most promising strategy.

Regarding "heavenly leaders", that is, space objects of the solar system, which at the current stage will play a role of an additional patron of some trine or another and for this or other reasons will enhance their own emanation, only the element of Water will be an exception and stay aside. This fact cannot be regarded as decisive, so the representatives of the water trine should not even think about tightly wrapping themselves in a blanket in the hope of riding through this difficult period, without leaving their home. It just means some moments will require more effort on your part in comparison to zodiac signs of other tribes; no more than that. Signs of the fire element will have the Sun at their disposal; a powerful and extremely reliable patron, the force of whose emanations is second to none. This means that the stars will definitely favor the fire zodiac signs with bonuses in all areas of life. The earth trine will fall under the protection of Jupiter, whose influence will be particularly beneficial and visible in business; the representatives of this element will be required to demonstrate more courage in the coming stage. The air trine will get an amazing and quite unusual ally, the Black Moon. The impact of this astronomical body is difficult to predict, at least in general terms, but one thing is certain: it is better to stay out of the way of the signs of the air element.

At the same time, Pluto in February of 2016 will be the main antagonist of the inhabitants of Earth. Emanations of this extremely powerful heavenly body will be as strong as ever, and the dark planet will mostly discharge them in the sphere of feelings and emotions. So neither your career nor business is under attack; but some serious problems may occur in terms of friendship and family relationships. Therefore, you must be extremely careful, regardless of the element you belong to. What's more, Pluto will occasionally receive some help from Mars, which will suddenly turn into a quite treacherous and tricky opponent, and the next step will simply be impossible to predict. As a result, such a tandem can seriously get in your way, so it is necessary to act cautiously, stopping every time you feel some external influence. Being alert and vigilant is, as a rule, sufficient for dealing with such situations. The main thing is not to panic and keep up the pace while boldly moving towards your target.

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