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January 2016 monthly horoscope
The beginning of the year of the Red Monkey is likely to be a peaceful time for the majority of zodiac signs, although, of course, there are those who will be very active starting from the first decade of January. This option might fit well for some individuals. However, the most important thing is that now we'll have such "heavy weights" on our team like the Sun, Mars and Mercury. At the same time, the Lord of the Sky will empower us with positive emanations, which will manifest themselves from the very first days of the New Year. Mars will help to swiftly resolve any issues related to the sphere of personal relationships. It will provide us with determination and confidence, although, of course, there will be some subtle moments. Mercury, as it is not difficult to guess, will assist with various business projects, and, to a lesser extent, with career aspirations. As a result, we'll have high quality, comprehensive support; a complete set of necessary stellar influences. Were we to play an online game, the whole thing would surely be called a "full party." But astrology has its own terminology, and in this case it makes sense to talk about the extremely positive combination of astronomical objects.

As far as the "heavenly leaders" go, in January 2016, the planets of the solar system will be able to pay thorough attention to not just one trine, which of course will make us happy. Regarding the element of Fire, the increase in the dynamics on the part of Mars will be observed; it will keep helping their wards throughout the whole month. It is recommended to focus on work, while any dilemmas in terms of the sensory-emotional sphere are logically passed on to the Red Warrior, which will really act very efficiently. The earthly trine will have Saturn at its disposal, which won't be as strong as Mars or the Sun, but, nevertheless, its presence significantly strengthens the position of the representatives of this element. They should pay more attention to their inner world, spiritual development and emotional stability. You might face some difficult situations at work, which, however, will be solved much faster than you would have imagined. Throughout this month the Sun will very brightly patronize the air trine. Zodiac signs of this element will receive some bonuses related to unforeseen events. In other words, they will be enviously lucky, and they should be aware of this fact when planning any events. The element of Water will, oddly enough, receive the same heavenly leader as the trine of Fire. However, in this case, Mars will focus its efforts not on the "love life", but on the career field. As a result, some positive developments related to work are likely to happen.

Unfortunately, the whole situation will develop in a quite standard manner in January of 2016, as among the objects of the solar system there will be such planets that will treat humanity in a somewhat negative way. These planets are Pluto (which is quite natural) and Jupiter (rather surprising, right?). The following alignment suggests that the risk of work injury will increase and all the inhabitants of Earth should be particularly careful in their professional world. At the same time the aggravation of certain chronic diseases is quite probable, especially among those born in the trine of Air. However, in each case, a stellar negativity can take a different turn. One thing is clear though: January will be known for being successful and quite positive, but it wonít be deprived of unpredictable moments.

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