2017 Health Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2017 Health Horoscope Taurus

Taurus Health Horoscope 2017 for the year of the Red Fire ROOSTER

2017 Horoscope

The year of 2017 suggests Taurus representatives to pay attention to two astrological trends. Pluto, being responsible for the "expulsion" of this zodiac sign, and Saturn, being responsible for the great downfall of Taurus, will be less than favourable towards this zodiac sign. Of course, your celestial patrons will offset this negative impact, but only partially. And the fact, that the Fire Element reigns over this year's cycle will be the prevailing factor, while Taurus representatives belong to the Earth Element. These are not considered to be conflicting Elements, but their relations are sometimes rather "strained". This means that you can expect real risks concerning the health aspect of your life, and here's what you should get ready for. First of all, be careful when you simply walk down the street. No, it is quite unlikely that a brick or a flower pot falls on your head. You might rather accidentally stumble and bruise (or even break) your nose. This is something that might really happen. This is why Stars recommend you to mind your step and stay focused. The saying "my home is my castle" will be quite relevant at this point, since there's nothing to fear and there're no threats at your own family nest. Work injuries are also highly unlikely to happen. At this point, Taurus representatives can count on their celestial patrons, however, it will be rather unreasonable to give up constant vigilance, since it might cause unnecessary trouble on any other day.

Stars recommend to pay particular attention to travelling. The year of the Fire Rooster puts Taurus representatives at a great risk of getting into a complicated situation during their vacation or a business trip. Meaning that it is not necessarily going to be a traditional vacation, so be careful. Stars predict that it's quite possible for you to fall victim to angina or even to pneumonia. Swimming in a mountain river or in a cold lake might lead to that. You shouldn't also go out in the rain and get soaked. At this point, even your solid immune system is not going to help, since it will be a set of circumstances, that will significantly weaken your immune system. Those Taurus representatives, enjoying outdoor activities, should take special care of themselves. Climbers, divers, surfers, and snowboarders can sustain a fracture. It is quite unlikely that it's going to be a major fracture, but even a broken finger, to be honest, is not the most pleasant thing that can happen in life. Pay attention to your gear and don't even think of missing a single thing when preparing to "take off". There's no need to turn into a real fanatic about it, but a reasonable commitment to safety should be natural, and there is nothing unusual here, since we all know what an instinct of self-preservation is and why we need it. At this point, these are all the recommendations you can expect, since the whole year of 2017 promises to be rather successful for Taurus representatives, including the health aspect of their lives.

Horoscope 2017

2017 Horoscope for Taurus by spheres

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