2018 Love Horoscope for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

You may talk a lot about dating and you can even talk yourself out of a romance. Take time to listen to the girls or boys when you do go out and your evening will last longer. Watch out for dates that happen when Mercury is retrograde as these may be harder. Speak up and ask someone out as your thoughts and conversation really are they way in for you.

You are likely to meet someone special from April 25th to May 20th and in the days from May 22nd to June 21st as these are auspicious days for Aquarians and love. Get out and about in the daytime and be open to meeting new people now. Dating can be a challenge but going out in a group may work well for you. If you find someone of interest, you can always go off together later if you wish.

The Sun enters the area of new love and romance on May 22nd and lights up your love life until the solstice on June 21st. This is followed close by Mercury as your romance planet and then this two support Venus. That these three planets come as a group shows the intense energy being brought to you love life at this time. You will likely be very happy and find many things to talk about with your lover. If you are single, then be alert for new romance and meeting people during leisure activities.

From May 30th to June 13th the planet that rules your love life will be in your love sector. This placement reinforces the second quarter of the year as a good time for Aquarians to find love. Practice your chat up lines and get your easy conversation down. New people you meet will be attracted through your conversation, jokes and your interest in everything going on in the world. Take the time to listen to your dates as well.

The New Moon on June 13th is in your love zone and will provide fresh romantic prospects for you. Take this opportunity to start something from scratch and let romance grow naturally over the next week or two. You can use this New Moon to change just a fun person into a love for you.

By November 8th your love life will be given a boost as Jupiter moves in to join the party. Expect romantic getaways and adventures together. This fun period will last way into 2019 and is a joyous time for all Aquarians seeking love. If you are already wedded, then the energy will bring excitement and opportunities to further grow your love within your marriage.

Committed Relationships

Honesty is everything in partnerships for Aquarians. Even the ugly truth is better out that festering inside. You are likely to marry for love and it will bring a light to your life when you do find the right partner. The Sun rules your zone for marriage and this shows the warmth you can expect to have when you find the right person. Your spouse is likely to be more flamboyant that you but this is fine as you can be the wind beneath their wings.

The lunar eclipse on January 31st will set the stage for you to recalibrate your partnerships. Marriages can be stressful but the opportunity is to rekindle the reasons that you came together in the first place. Use this time and the months afterward to put your partner above yourself. Do not be demanding yourself as this will not work. Now is the time to appreciate your partner and all they do for you. They may be giving up their dreams to be with you and you need to acknowledge this and not just take them for granted.

From July 23rd to August 24th your marriage or significant partnership is a focus. Spend time together and create a beautiful bond. Your hearts will truly beat as one.

On August 11th the solar eclipse in your partnership area is a sure sign that a new relationship can form for Aquarians. This special day suggests it will be the start of something exceptional. This person will be someone who needs your consideration and for once you will be happy to give it. Do not let people you meet at this moment pass you by. Pay attention and you will soon find there is another person sharing your life. This is a positive energy and will last around six months providing the potential for you as a couple.

Lost Love

Cool spots for Aquarius partnerships will happen at the three solar eclipses on February 15th, July 13th and August 11th, 2018 and the day before and the day after these dates. These are times in the year when the Sun is obscured by the Moon and it is almost as if the light on your partnership is dimmed for a while. These moments will probably not last long but could signal the beginning of a tense period in your marriage or other one-to-one relationships. You cannot be in love all the time and there are some days that are better for relating than others. Accept the quieter days and don't plan big romantic events or weekends away at these times.

Avoid getting into arguments or making a romantic commitment between March 23rd to April 15th and from July 26th to August 19th and between November 17th to December 2nd, 2018. Do not sign a prenuptial contract at these times either. By the same token if your marriage is coming adrift don't put your pen to divorce papers then either. Wait for the challenging times to pass you by. Once your head is clear you will see the way out and it may be through negotiations and discussion that the situation can be brought back from the edge.

Don't commit to someone, get engaged or wed between October 5th and November 16th as these are the weak days in the year for all relationships.

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