2018 Horoscope for Aries Zodiac Sign

2018 Horoscope Aries

Astrology forecast for 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. 2018 Horoscope for people born under the Aries Zodiac sign.

2018 continues the theme for Aries created by the two heavy, powerful and influential planets Saturn and Pluto of stimulating your 10th house. This will further develop the trend of remaking your professional life and in this year particularly for establishing some continuity as well. Steady achievements can be made, and you will be able to firm up your goals as this year unfolds.

You can continue to reinvent yourself until your have the public persona for which you are striving. Living in your truth is the way to go. Others may discover that you are deeper than the things for which you are known. Your reputation can be reformed and rejuvenated this year. It will be revitalized and transformed to conform to the popular image you project at work and may bring depth and intensity to your outside interests.

Saturn in your public domain asks you to slow down and build boundaries between your private self and your life in the public eye. Discretion is good now, as the general populace does not need to see all the nitty-gritty of your existence. The lucky planet Jupiter passes through your 8th, 9th, and possibly 10th houses, in the main part of the year so gifts, legacies or an inheritance are likely. Joint enterprises will bring benefits. You can expect to see gratitude from others and broader access to your partner's resources.

The first week starts with a strong career emphasis. You can focus on establishing your profession and doing what you really like. By the third week of January, you will have friends and colleagues joining you for team building get-togethers. Until January 26th, Mars shows a focus on others and business, so sort out insurance policies and shared resources before you get burned. This is a time for elective surgery and scar or tattoo removals. By February 18th, things start to slow down a bit and you can rest up for the big push that comes soon.

Both of the inner planets Mercury and Venus enter your sign on March 6th, which adds lots of stimulus through communication and the financing of what you want. Spend on yourself jazz up your look or a new haircut. At the Equinox on March 21st. be ready to make your move and kick-start your year.

As the Sun illuminates your life let your truth shine through. Be yourself and people will be attracted to your vibrancy and energy. Between the end of April to mid-May, there will be lots of buying and selling. Begin to trade and get rid of all unwanted goods that are lying about. You can also plan to make some significantly big investments now. During May, schedule a mini-break or at least a weekend away. Courses taken now will benefit you and the instructional nature of classes will satisfy your inquisitive mind.

The New Moon in your sign on April 15th brings a seed moment for you and if you are going to start anything then this is the time to do so. Get your plans in place and move forward after the New Moon. On April 24th Chiron enters your sign for the first time in fifty years and will be influential for all Aries people for the next seven years. This heralds a change in your confidence and approach to life. You will learn about your inherent strengths and weaknesses. This theme will develop slowly and bring greater insights by the end of the year.

On May 15th Uranus will leave your sign, having influenced your life for the past seven years. There will be some relief and you may even feel a void as the large planet moves onward into Taurus. Changes in your genius, thoughts and physical self will have been made and you may feel the pressure is off for a while.

By June 21st the spotlight shifts to your home and family affairs. Spend time with those who supported you as a child and when you were growing up. Try to get back in touch with your roots and appreciate where you come from. By mid July your creativity zone is stimulated and this could be that start of a love interest or at least some light flirting. Of all the times in the year this month strongly indicates you may fall in love or even fall pregnant as the juices flow and fun times abound.

After August 23rd, it will be back to the daily grind and your work life will take precedence over fun. Be prepared and make any adjustments necessary to make your job easier. This could mean changing offices or getting a better position at work. Your environment and even the way your desk faces could be modified.

Your partnerships and significant other is a feature from the third week of September. If you are single, you may tie the knot, and if you are committed, your relationship will become more harmonious as your life with each other matures. When the solar light is in Libra, it is often the best time of the year for Aries to marry. In the third week of October, the Sun enters your zone of secrecy and brings hidden support for you from your supporters. This help could be in the form of promotion in the background and if you lobby others beforehand they will know your intentions and so can speak, or vote, at the right moment on your behalf.

On November 8th, Jupiter bounds into your philosophical zone and brings you an elevated view to religion, foreigners and publishing. Opportunities will present themselves for growth in your general outlook. The Sun brings more energy to stimulate Jupiter from the 22nd of November when travel and new horizons will call. This is a good time to embark on eco-tourism or teaching languages in a foreign country. On a more parochial view, your attitudes will become more liberal as you start to question ridged principles that no longer work.

The last week of the year closes off with a slower feel, and you will withdraw a little to assess the achievements you have made this year. Now you can consider finding a mentor for the following year and hatch your strategy to reach your goals for 2019.

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If I would ever have the chance to turn the time back into 2018, I finally would've gone to E3 as well which I always find it very interesting for me to go to these type of huge fun special events out there to begin with!! 🙂
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I'd really rather set the time back so I really wouldn't have any tension blasting off from my own head.
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2018 will always be the greatest side of 2004 to begin with as much as I absolutely enjoyed playing Aska's disc from Cy Girls!!
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