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During this period we will act more by inertia than on the basis of some motivational impulses. Therefore, one should not expect exceptional dynamics in December 2018. If we did not have time to do something important in the previous periods, now it is too late to return to these tasks (at least, for the majority of the signs). It is necessary to think about those events that are happening during the current period so that you can learn to look at the things from a "right here and right now" perspective. This is a good period for solving personal problems and establishing new contacts, because Venus will be one of our main protectors this month. Mercury, who is not that strong this month, will assist the "heavenly priestess". His influence will be still sufficient to tip the scales in our favor. The main thing here is not to go beyond your own limits. In general, December in this sense will be quite an interesting time. We will not be particularly free in our degree of choice during the end of the year, as we will be constrained by laws, regulations and conventions, or at least by stereotypes. But, skillfully maneuvering between all those constraints, and finding some loopholes to get planned things done, we will learn a lot, understand a lot and discover something for ourselves. Now it is good to develop some already existing trends. It would be a senseless waste of time to be thinking about potential prospects. You should rely only on your relatives in your relationships; new acquaintances can be very important, but they are unlikely to become the driving factors for us, and it is worth treating them with caution. There is a risk of getting into a difficult situation simply because of a complication of communicative nature. So, the stars recommend for us to choose the right words, especially in the process of important negotiations.

From the point of view of additional patrons ("heavenly leaders"), December 2018 will be successful enough for all signs of the Zodiac. Another interesting point is that the elements of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be at the disposal of the same patron, which is Mars. His support will be triumphant for the Fire element signs, while Air element signs will witness a lot of interesting developments because of this support. Do not worry; his influence will result only in positive outcomes, although at certain moments. in order to take advantage of the situation. you will have to show special perseverance. Probably, the "Red Planet" will require from us just this: the ability to defend yourself, make lightning-fast conclusions and change tactics effortlessly. If we manage to achieve such results, it is unlikely that in the near future we will encounter problems that will be impossible to cope with. Water element signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and Earth element signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will in turn be under the protection of the Moon. And again, Water sign representatives can treat this as an unconditional bonus, that will be applied by itself without our interference. Everything is not so simple for Earth element representatives. You'll have to learn to control your emotions and trust your intuition unconditionally. This can be difficult, but as a result you can get exceptional benefits in all life directions, especially in the field of work. As a result, each sign has real chances for timely achievement of the goals being set previously.

It is necessary to note separately that in December 2018 you should not rush in doing anything - whether it is a large investment or the formation of a new relationship. The stars recommend for us to look out even during the most positive moments (and there will definitely be more positive ones rather than negative ones). You should do this just because of one little peculiarity - the Sun's negative position. What is surprising is that during this period, solar energy can be destructive enough even for those signs that are usually protected by it (signs for whom the Sun is a patron or an exultant responsible for the surge of vital energy). The thoughtless use of the resources available and an irrepressible desire to achieve victory at any cost can lead to the collapse of hopes and the impossibility of future development just because of the Sun's influence. That is why haste in December 2018 could be a fatal mistake, although it must be understood that this is only the most general indication. Just stay away from being in a rush, but keep in mind that this fact won't have any influence on general dynamics of the period. Also, this current period tends to develop inertia within the city limits. Attempt to get united with nature or look deeply into yourself will recede into the background, giving way to some purely human factors. This is not a good time for meditation or creative urges. The end of this year is a period of steady progress, the implementation of the things being planned, and the perfect time for the realization of hopes.

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