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The main characteristic of this period is that instead of bringing fatigue and gloomy moods, the middle of the fall season will bring elevated ability to work and incredible motivation. The majority of Zodiac signs will be filled with energy and optimism in October 2018. In general, this period is ideal for concluding anything: you can start enjoying positive results from your work, start finalizing your future plans, or setting up the foundation for new projects. The more effectively and boldly you acted in the past, the bigger will be your achievements today. Those who are used to stepping aside and silently waiting without getting involved in the action should start emulating those who were behaving in completely opposite, proactive, and dynamic ways. At the same time, being that alignments are specialized in many aspects, the second fall month will require some of us to act in a cautious way. Risk levels might surge upward, as well as the possibility of getting into mischief or finding yourself in trouble only because you were inattentive. There is nothing shocking about it: the biggest negative factor that will work against us now will be about losing time. That is why it is important to get ready for any situation that might end up eventually happening. You can even start acting before thinking under certain scenarios (even though it is normal to do it the other way around). Overall, you can allow yourself to act in quite an independent way without thinking too much about other people's opinion of you. It is important to make sure that both our loved ones and we ourselves are feeling okay.

Focusing in more detail on the availability of heavenly leaders for various Zodiac signs, it is important to note that only representatives of Air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be left without one. Fire element representatives will be supported by Mars, which fits in nicely with overall characteristics of Fire signs. As the result, it will be quite easy to reach some significant results even though applying minimal efforts. You still have to work a lot, especially for yourself. Water sign representatives (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be under the protection of Uranus, and due to an unusual combination of circumstances the same planet will become the protector of Earth sign representatives (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Signs of these two elements need to rely solely on their instincts, though the external situation will try to impose different conditions on them. It is important to be guided by your heart and by your past experience, otherwise Uranus's positive impact will be driven down to nothing. However, here it is important to note that "heavenly leader" never occupies a dominant position. Its role is important in the horoscope but still minor. Thus, Air sign representatives need not be disappointed over not having anyone especially protecting them, as they still have excellent chances of reaching victory.

October 2018 won't support trends that were established in previous periods. It means that nothing is threatening your health anymore (except our own inattentiveness or blatant stupidity), and the skillful ability to harmoniously combine your senses and your mind turns into the most suitable and the luckiest of all strategies. This period will be filled with events only in when you are going to be ready for them. So, if there are a lot of things going on in everybody else's life, and your life is far from being interesting, it is just enough to turn around in order to place everything in order. In general, this time is quite positive for the majority of Earth inhabitants. Putting aside all your selfishness and taking the side of someone who is right in their argument even though it goes against your position, you will make the right choice and that will have a positive effect on your fate. Mercury and Sun's position can be counted on as a negative aspect. This mighty tandem can easily break us if we display weakness. That's why it is important to avoid being overly judgmental or critical of yourself in October 2018. Judgmental assessments should be left for another time: right now is better for acting and making some fundamental decisions. Sometimes it will be really hard to give up on incorrect beliefs and positions that looked very solid but turned out to be weak. However, it is important to do so in order to free up some space for building new projects, very promising projects that are quite capable of bringing you success and full satisfaction.

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