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The first autumn month of 2018 will not be the most successful one in the current cycle. Moreover, the energy levels of many Zodiac signs will now rapidly decline, hitting minimum values at certain periods. However, you should not be afraid, because, in fact, September will not be such a negative time; you just have to get used to its distinctive features. Pluto and Ceres will dominate over the celestial bend, and the overall state of affairs will be partially determined by this duet. However, each of these planets will individually provide significant support to the inhabitants of the Earth, and this help should definitely be used as much as possible. Now, you should not rely on quick breakthroughs, since time will play for the opposite team, and some random events (which in fact will turn out to be not random, but rather regular) will seriously spoil your life. On the other hand, slowing down and taking discrete steps will solve most of the urgent problems, and will do it in a quick enough manner. It is not necessary to give 100% all of the time, to not take any risks, or put all your resources on the line. Doing this can result in some negative consequences, not because you made a mistake yourself, but because of the dynamic factors playing out along the way. Putting all the specifics aside, you should know that it is recommended to move from existing positions; you should aspire to maneuver into new ones that bring you closer to your cherished goal. In addition, your physical well-being deserves some special attention. Pay attention to your health, and if something doesn't feel okay be prompt in addressing the issue.

In general, September 2018 will be a stable time, although it is not worthwhile to plan any large-scale events during this period, especially ones personally important to you. If the plans are already arranged and cannot be changed, you just need to strengthen yourself and avoid losing concentration even for a minute. Try taking control over the largest territory possible (figuratively speaking). It is quite possible to do so; just do not hesitate to use your own talents for personal benefit. Moreover, during this period each Zodiac element will have its own additional patron. For the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and signs of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Moon will perform as the heavenly leader. Undoubtedly, this is a particularly large bonus for Water element representatives, although Fire element representatives will also benefit in certain ways. Representatives of these elements will receive significant benefits from their additional patrons during critical situations, although it will be ideal not to allow the situation to progress to any such critical developments in general. The element of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) can count on the support of Eris, whose support is quite unusual for those signs, but as a result can lead to something very interesting happening later. The main thing is to continually evaluate everything, and by "everything" we mean absolutely all available information and possibilities. Earth element representatives (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) can rely on the energy of Mercury, and the "ruler of the earthly and heavenly trade routes" will suggest the most advantageous solution at the opportune moment. It is enough just to be attentive in order not to miss that hint.

As for the negative trends taking place in September 2018, the stars do not push very hard in this direction, and the inhabitants of the Earth will have only one obvious opponent in Uranus during this period. Nevertheless, this period in itself is relatively weak energetically; unstable, and even passive. Many tasks will have to be solved in "independent mode", or, putting it another way, while being detached from the normal resource base. Some "all hand on deck" time can happen at work, but you should not be afraid of this. If a person is a true professional and clearly knows his duties, then he is unlikely to become destabilized by Uranus no matter how hard this planet tries to do it. Having remarkably tenacious and loyal companions by his side, one can achieve amazing results even during this difficult time. Especially take into account that Uranus will certainly keep away from the sphere of personal relations. Here, everything will be ambiguous on its own, without the participation of Uranus, although for representatives of particular signs with families some opportunities will emerge. If you are carried away by some events it is important to catch any branch floating by, so that you can drift to the shore sooner or later. But the main priority is your health; you should not put it at risk in any case. It is best to keep your health safe, all other things being equal. Otherwise, you can get into a difficult situation, when there may be resources and sufficient motivation available, but your physical state will end up failing you. In general, do not assume that this time will be purposefully destructive. You can learn a lot, strengthen your faith in humanity and one special person in particular by adhering to these elementary safety rules.

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