Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019

August 2019 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for August 2019

Monthly August 2019 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

Aquarius, August 2019 will find you feeling a lot of pressure to get things done and keep up with the people around you. It's likely you will feel like you're falling behind and not able to keep up with life. This could have you feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated for what you are doing, as no one seems to be looking your way.
The beginning of August will be the worst of it, as you will feel the intense energy bearing down on you. It's likely you will be able to be energetic yourself if you try not to compare yourself to others at this time and try to keep up with everything happening around you. Otherwise, you will likely feel bogged down instead. Trying to fake it won't work either, and it's best to just keep your own ducks in a line and not worry about other things around you too much.
As August continues, things will calm down, though you may feel a little lost and unhappy with where you are. There is a lot that can be done about this, and starting to build a path forward at this time is very important. Not looking too far ahead and being overwhelmed by possibilities and options is important. There are likely new opportunities coming your way, and you may see some hints of it at this time, and it's best to begin to be prepared for them.

Work at the beginning of August should be fairly hectic with a lot of activity and chatter. There will be a lot to do and not a lot of help to do it. You're likely to feel alone and unable to cope with what's happening. Keeping in mind there is always someone willing to help you, you just have to look, and that you are not alone at all, is very important. You have the skills to get through this, Aquarius, you just have to maintain focus and keep your spirits up. There will likely be distractions that you are prone to drift toward, out of an attempt to avoid working, and it's very likely this will backfire, so try not to let this happen.
As August continues, work will ease up on you, though you are likely to still feel somewhat out of your depth. There will be moments that call for your expertise and make you feel wanted and appreciated, and those moments should help you get out of your funk. It will be good to focus on these moments. There will probably be conversations at work that you find very enthralling and want to continue well after they're done, and it's important that you do not do this and limit socializing appropriately.

There is a lot of social activity at the start of August, and you will feel a little left out, even if you're the one opting not to go. It's important to listen to yourself and be okay with not going to every event that happens. It's likely you'd rather stay home with a good book or TV show anyway, so relish in the comfort of your home. If you feel obligated to attend a few things, but don't quite feel welcome, then either don't go or find someone you always have a good time with to go with you. You can still have a good time if you don't worry too much, and having someone with you that appreciates you and laughs at your jokes will help immensely.
As August continues, you will become focused on things like yard work and other projects around the house that will make you feel useful. You are likely to spend more time with family and maybe do some light traveling at this time, as you will feel better in general and may need a break from your immediate environment. This is also a good time to pamper yourself, and that could be a part of the traveling that you do.

Your inner self will likely feel a little down and lonely during the beginning of August, depending on how you're handling the energy around you. Even if you're not feeling especially down, it's still important to really focus on taking care of yourself, and remember that you aren't alone or left behind. It's a good idea to get outside of your head and have some distractions handy to keep from getting too wrapped up in these feelings.
As August continues, you will feel an immense relief of tension inside of yourself. There will still be damage control to do, and it is likely you will find the source of peace and tranquility that you need will be outside of you, likely a person or a pet, someone you love very much.
It is likely that August will be a very intense time for you, Aquarius. It is likely the beginning of a huge transformation, first within, and then outside of yourself. Be careful with how you treat yourself this month.

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