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For many us, January 2019 could fall under the heading “the here and now." This means that all signs of the Zodiac will have to prioritize short-term projects while ignoring the ones that involve the distant future. In terms of personal relationships, bold and quick changes will be preferable and lingering novelties are best avoided. Of course, this does not apply to family members or to those whom you have known for a long time. For, when it comes to them, the Sun, entering into conjunction with the Earth and emerging at the peak of the dominant position, recommends staying true to oneself and listening to our hearts. It is better to leave logic and sound calculation to another area of our life where important and objectively significant events are likely to happen. Generally, for most of us, January will be more dynamic than we planned, but deep-rooted changes will not be necessary. This time is also unique. It will be easy to establish relationships, both fundamentally new and old, forgotten ones. Of course, one will need to think about how to approach each situation and where to start, but, it will generally be a positive time and a time of connections.

The first third of January 2019 will help many to understand what they really want. Some signs of the Zodiac will be more active while others will stop and think carefully about what is happening. It is essential to attend to the most significant issues, even if the time to put them in practice doesn’t seem right this very minute. At the beginning of the month, under the influence of the harmonious aspects of the planets, you should work hard but not necessarily at your day job. If some controversial situations arise within the core of the family, they should not be allowed to develop undisturbed. It is better to take an active part in resolving them and never have to return to such moments. The sooner we cope with difficulties, the more free-time we will have for ourselves, to put towards accomplishing our plans. These plans can be epic, as long as they are based on real possibilities and self-reliance only.

The middle of January 2019 will be more exciting in the sense that there will be more events, although for some of us the opposite might also be true. Some will have to focus on personal relations, while others will feel an irresistible desire to work hard and get a new place to live or work (though not now, but next month). It is important to be in the right place at the right time, but, thanks to the positive star situation, almost every moment has the potential to be successful. On the other hand, you should not go too far with your desires/ Some of us will be confronted with difficult situations and there will not be enough positivity and enthusiasm to get us through. We'll have to make a great deal of intellectual effort. That's right, during this period, it is better to focus on thoughtful actions and whether solutions will be strictly straightforward or complex combinations. Which path to take is something everyone must decide for himself. The most important thing is to act, because, as they say, the path moves where the master is going.

The last part of January 2019 will bring a more in-depth understanding of the processes that began earlier this month. During this period, it is important to determine the goals and priorities you need in order to proceed confidently this year and in the future. In the workplace, you will have to make difficult choices, especially those who do not own their own business. These choices will be of the moral kind so the right way will be obvious. In the sphere of personal relations, all decisions should already be made at this point of the month, and from this angle, the end of January will be even calmer than the start. This is a good stage for further building relationships with loved ones, especially between generations or with distant relatives. Here, too, you should not go forward before having thought through the tactics, well in advance, and before assessing the likely consequences. Despite all the benevolence of the period, no one is immune to mistakes. Although, by and large, in January 2019, if there are any errors, they will be insignificant.

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