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2019 September Horoscope

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Monthly September 2019 Horoscope

The month of September 2019 will be a journey for most, whether it be a literal journey to another place, permanent or just for a visit, or one that lies within. It will be a month of change, and stability. This may seem like a contradiction, but it's a friendly combination in this instance. Although it is friendly, it is also severe if we go against the ebb and flow of the stars.
The sturdiness of Virgo, an Earth sign, will lead us into the balancing aspect of Libra. However, most of us will be unbalanced when the month turns, which will make the change perceptible, if not dramatic. Although there is a firmness to Virgo, there can be an exaggeration on order and work, while neglecting the self. One can also stray into the luxurious, at critical times, as a distraction from the self.
Libra realigns us with everything, and so whatever is neglected or pushed off comes back to reassert itself. Preparing for this change by looking to your sign and seeing where you may lean in terms of imbalance can be helpful.

Also, paying attention to the signs of the people around you can be helpful as well, to know what they are going through and what they could need during this month. Some will be stronger than others and able to be supportive and expend energy socially. Others will be totally cut off from their regular support system and forging new friendships in order to make up for that particular happenstance.
There will be a lot of output and perceiving that output in September. We might find ourselves understanding people we never or rarely understood before, and finally being understood as well. This sounds good all around, but some people are used to existing under the radar. Feeling exposed and vulnerable may cause seclusion and irritation in some. For others, they will bloom and lean toward socializing like a flower seeking sunlight. We will find synchronization with our fellow signs in most instances, and as opinions can differ and spirits can rise even with such a balanced season, we will also find conflict. It's important to keep this in mind, but again, the conflict will probably be rare and even footing more common.

Work in September may swing extremes from goal driven and successful to chatty and casual, dependent on the environment itself and the people around it, as well as the time of the month. Of course hardworking, project loving Virgo reigns over one and Libra the other, but you may find the days bleed into each other in terms of ups and downs as other planets linger and shift along the zodiac.
As the month progresses and we find romance cascading around us because of the Venus placement in Libra, we will find more love in life, generally speaking as well as romantically. This could mean love in not so convenient places like work or your favorite coffee shop. But who is to say this can't work out. Except maybe don't try it too fast right now. Check your sign, see where you're at before you start swooning too hard. It could be totally meant to be, but it could also be your way of running from the actual work that needs to be done. Love is as much of a distraction as shopping and releases better chemicals in your brain. Good to keep in mind later in the month especially! But again, don't swear off dating. Just make sure it's coming from a healthy place. It's good to know where we're prone to be weak and when.

Wherever September brings you, it will sure to be a place you need to be. The excitement will be in how you grow and learn, and not necessarily from what you've done or where you have been. No matter if you're physically traveling or not, you will have adjustments happen in your life. Earth signs will probably have the least adjustments to make from the Earth season just having past, and Water signs will flow and change more easily. Air and Fire will be having a more interesting and possibly difficult time, especially Fire, adjusting to the new balances.
No matter your element, pay attention to your signs and those around you to find out just how the month will treat you.

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