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February 2021 Aries Horoscope

Aries, this month is focused on the 11th House and 12th House with some activity in the 2nd and 6th Houses. You will wrap up the Aquarius season with a focus on the future. When Pisces season begins, you will be compelled to take some time for introspection, something that doesn’t necessarily come easily to you, but it might be a good time to reassess things that have been holding you back. You are all about moving forward, so it doesn’t do to let the past influence you for too long. Some reflection is helpful for growth, but it won’t be helpful to dwell on and conflate things you feel you’ve done wrong. This will be a good month to break down walls that you have put up against yourself.

With Mars still in Taurus in your 2nd House, all things related to your material possessions and money might feel like they are moving much too slowly. However, remember that although Mars in Taurus might be slow-moving, it is stubborn and will persist. Moving slowly is better than standing still in this case.

On February 1st, you will have to reign in some of your usual tendencies (that can lead to a bad outcome). The Sun squares Mars, making us all more likely to argue and act on our impulses without much thought.

Mercury is still moving retrograde until the 21st. If you feel the need, hold off on important communications or short trips.

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Aquarius in your 11th House, you will likely feel empowered in areas relating to your friends, hopes for the future, and idealistic wishes. This is a wonderful time to use Aquarius’ forward-thinking attitude to empower your work in these areas. Your relationships with others will likely be very harmonious at this time.

On February 10th, you might find yourself being more irritable or grumpy than you would naturally be due to Mercury squaring off against Mars.

On February 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius in your 11th House will give you the opportunity to have a fresh start in all areas of rebellion, forward-thinking plans, idealistic visions, and your friendships with others. Take advantage of this new moon to realign with what matters to you and make plans for the future. Hit the reset button, let your mind run wild, and enjoy this opportunity.

February 14th will bring a rush of creativity with Mars sextile Neptune. Take advantage of this imaginative aspect.

The Sun will leave Aquarius and enter Pisces on February 18th in your solar 12th House. This is likely to be a very introspective time for you in matters of your identity and appearance. Delve into your secrets, explore mystical beliefs, try to take apart negative beliefs you have held about yourself for too long. You don’t need to sit still to do this introspection. Let your mind wander when you have a moment of peace.

Venus will square Mars on February 19th, causing some strain and upset especially in relationships.

On February 21st, Mercury will begin to move direct again. Now’s the time to take care of anything in the way of important communications. It’s also a great time to take that day trip you’ve been planning.

On February 25th, Venus enters Pisces in your solar 12th House. Your passion, love of beauty, and art might be directed internally during this time. Take this time to look inside and possibly discover what is in your heart.

Also on February 25th, Mars will trine Pluto, providing you with a lot of energy and allowing you to be brave – not that you generally need much help with this, Aries.

The Full Moon in Virgo in your solar 6th House falls on February 27th to wrap up the month. Your natural search for perfection might be increased during this Full Moon. Try to take it easy on yourself. Do use this full moon to remove excess from your life in areas of everyday work and service. Get your daily schedule in order and you’ll likely feel more in control after this full moon.

Aries, this month will provide you with an opportunity to delve deep into your own thoughts. Let yourself take a break to get introspective. It will likely help you move through things that have been bothering you or that you’ve been carrying with you for far too long. At the beginning of the month, take solace in your friends. Your relationships will be harmonious. Enjoy this month and enter Pisces season with courage. If anyone can step up to a challenge, it’s you, Aries.

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