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February 2021 Virgo Horoscope

Diligent Virgo, Aquarius season will continue with a focus on your daily work. You likely don’t need much help in this area with your natural gifts for hard work, organization, and intelligence – however, Aquarius’ influence will help you gain a new perspective. If you’ve been looking to change things up in the realms of your day job, household chores, or daily routine, now’s the time. February 2021 will wrap up with some action in your 7th House that focuses on partnerships in marriage, work, and around shared goals. This will fall in the sign of Pisces, encouraging some introspection and sensitivity around these topics. Overall, this month will begin with a heavy focus on work and end with contemplation on your relationships and connections. I think it will be a fun one for you since you tend to create strong partnerships and generally have a strong work ethic, Virgo.

Remember that your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde motion until February 21st. This might make matters of communication or things involving relatives and neighbors more difficult than normal. Hold on for a little bit of relief near the end of the month.

Mars will be in Taurus in your 9th House for the whole month. With powerful Mars in stalwart Taurus, matters relating to your 9th House like long trips, higher education, or philosophical ponderings might feel like they are moving slowly. Even though they are moving slowly, they will likely keep going at a steady pace.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your solar 6th House in Aquarius at the beginning of February. This will give you the opportunity to get your Self, mind, and passion aligned around things like your daily chores, day job, regular schedule, and more. Aquarius will help you take a fresh look at these aspects of your life. You might think of a new way to tackle things that have become too routine. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, this is the perfect time to look for a new way of doing things.

On February 8th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury making us all feel more stuck in our thoughts and unlikely to change our opinions.

Following this up, February 10th will bring another difficult aspect with Mercury squaring Mars. This will bring out our argumentative side and we might even be likely to say things that we really don’t mean.

The New Moon in Aquarius in your solar 6th House is a wonderful way to take a fresh look at all things related to your daily work. This new moon will be a nice complement to the action in your 6th House earlier in the month. The new moon also supports fresh starts, so if you have formulated any plans, now is the time to put them into action. Maybe you are working on applying for a new job or starting a side job. Perhaps you are working on a new way to accomplish daily tasks. The 6th House also has to do with service to others, so maybe you are considering a new way to volunteer. Whatever it is, the forward-thinking Aquarius New Moon will help you start anew.

Mercury conjuncts Venus on February 13th, helping you communicate your ideas with aplomb and charm. You will also enjoy a calming balance between your intellectual and emotional pursuits.

On February 14th, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, giving you a boost with extra cleverness, optimism, and generosity.

The Sun will enter Pisces on February 18th in your solar 7th House, signaling the beginning of the end of this zodiac year. Pisces helps us look inward and use our imaginations. As such, this is a wonderful time to think deeply about your romantic partnerships, business partnerships, shared goals with others, or even any other partnership that influences your life. With the Sun in Pisces, you are invited to think about how these partnerships impact your sense of self and your identity.

Mercury returns direct on February 21st. Breathe a sigh of relief and work on any important communications that you put on hold.

Venus joins the Sun in Pisces in your solar 7th House on February 25th. With Venus now in the House related to partnerships, your focus might shift to love relationships or marriage. Let your mind dwell on these relationships and let your imagination help you discover things you did not know were there.

February wraps up with the Full Moon in Virgo in your solar 1st House. Embrace this opportunity to use your gifts for getting clear on what you really need and organizing your life. Since this full moon falls in your 1st House, your organization and clarity will likely revolve around the way you see yourself, your identity, and perhaps your appearance.

Enjoy the beginning of the month and use Aquarius’ influence to help you in areas of work, and then get reflective once planets start to enter Pisces. Ponder your partnerships and how they affect you.

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