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Monthly Horoscope for Aries

January 2021 Aries Horoscope

Aries, the action is going to move into the 2nd, 10th, 11th, and 5th Houses this month, so your focus will be on money, career, friends, reputation, and creativity. The stoic sign of Capricorn and the altruistic sign of Aquarius will support these areas of focus throughout the month.

Energy is variable this month, so try not to let this get you down. You love to move forward quickly, but this month is focused more on long-term planning and building a strong foundation. Think of this month as just the beginning.

On January 6th, Mars will enter Taurus in your solar 2nd House. Mars is the ruler of your fiery Sun sign, Aries. In Taurus, it is in its detriment. As such, you might have some trouble accessing the endless energy you are typically capable of harnessing. Even so, Taurus lends a steady “we’ll get there when we get there” feel to everything you do this month. In the 2nd House, you can start working on long-term goals regarding your material possessions and money. You will be able to accomplish what you put your mind to, even if it isn’t immediate.

The slow pace of Mars in Taurus can sometimes feel draining. Try not to let it hurt your natural flair for action. Feeling stagnant is bothersome to everyone, but especially to you, Aries. Aim for small victories and lay the foundation for future success to keep your spirits up.

Powerful Mars leans toward excess in the possession-oriented 2nd House. Resist spending all your money on objects or lavishing luxurious gifts on loved ones. Treat yourself and others, but try to reign the impulse in. (Otherwise, Mars might just let you spend all your money.)

Listen up, Aries! Have your friends been feeling a little neglected? Need to make some new connections? Have your hopes been sitting by the wayside? On January 8th, Mercury enters Aquarius in your solar 11th House. This combo lends itself to success. Communicative Mercury works with friendly Aquarius to charm your friends and bring you a little closer to the things you’ve been seeking. Call everyone up. Organize a group chat. Make things happen with the people you love spending time with most – the planets are on your side.

In addition, you’ll find yourself enjoying the intellectual, forward-thinking attitude of Aquarius this month. Share your futuristic ideas with your friends. Did you think of a new way to accomplish your goals? Go with it.

Venus will enter Capricorn on January 8th in your solar 10th House. This combination will have you treading carefully in your career. Perhaps you feel particularly dedicated to your work. Maybe you care very much about influencing the way the public sees you. Be cautious and Capricorn will help you out here.

However, if you don’t feel appreciated you might become very cold toward people related to your career or toward people in the public who don’t really know you.

The New Moon in Capricorn falls on January 13th and will be in your solar 10th House. This combination is excellent for long-term career goals and starting over. If you don’t like how you’re viewed by the public, this is a good time to start again. Set some goals and Capricorn will help you reach them.

The New Moon is also a good time to be realistic about what you want. Have you been expecting too much or too little of yourself? Capricorn rewards hard work, but it will also help you get clear on what you can accomplish.

Alternatively, you can take this time to dedicate yourself to career goals you might have had in mind for some time. This is the right time to plant the seeds that will come to fruition in the future.

On January 19th, the Sun will enter Aquarius in your solar 11th House. You will likely feel more aligned with your hopes and dreams – and you might find that you get along with people easily during this time. In the friendly sign of Aquarius, and in the 11th House, this is a great time to connect with your friends – and maybe turn some acquaintances into friends.

In addition, you might also look at matters of your identity in relation to your friends or hopes with fresh eyes. If you lean toward independence and curiosity during this time, it will likely strengthen your connections.

Finally, on January 28th, the Full Moon in Leo will land in your solar 5th House. Find a balance between how much you have been giving away to others and remember that when it comes to creativity and joy, you are in charge. Take this time to find joy in building, making art, gardening, and spending time with your children. Reclaim your sense of self-confidence in these areas.

All in all, January will be a wonderful time for you to get your earnings and career prospects in order, but remember to connect with friends, nurture your dreams, and find time to have fun.

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