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January 2021 Scorpio Horoscope

January 2021 will be focused around home and family for you, Scorpio. Take this month to get in touch with those you love.

On January 4th, Mercury will conjunct Pluto through the 5th. This aspect will likely make you feel more open to change but you might change your mind so suddenly that others are caught off guard.

On January 6th, Mars enters Taurus in your solar 7th House. In areas of partnership, whether that means love or otherwise, you will find that you can put plans into place that will find their way to fruition in the future. Mars in Taurus is not quick, but it is enduring.

Try not to spend needlessly on your partners. Mars in Taurus lends itself to this, so watch out. In addition, the slow-moving progress of this planet and sign can make people feel uncomfortable. Find a way to relax if you are becoming frustrated with a lack of progress.

On January 8th, Mercury will square Mars making us all a little angry and looking for a fight. You usually can keep a cool-headed appearance outwardly, but it might be more difficult today.

Venus will trine Mars through the 10th. This will help temper hot-headedness. Your love for others will likely be expressed easily during this time. Take advantage of this good aspect to show off your deep, passionate side. You might also be able to show more outward enthusiasm during these days.

Mercury will enter Aquarius in your solar 4th House on the 8th. You will likely experience a wide array of new and interesting thoughts related to your home, whether that be your physical home or a safe emotional place. Your mind will pair up with your progressive outlook in this area and help you find futuristic ways of looking at your home life.

Venus will enter Capricorn in your solar 3rd House. While you are generally very careful when it comes to family and the way you communicate, Venus will help you open up in a diplomatic, enigmatic way. Capricorn will influence you as usual with seriousness and loyalty, but Venus will let you show off the warmth and love you feel for others. Now is the time to communicate it. The only thing to watch for is that if you do experience rejection, you do not shut down. Venus in Capricorn can take emotional slights to heart and hold onto them.

On January 11th through the 15th, Mars will square Saturn. Your energy will likely feel variable at this time. Waiting for it to pass rather than fighting it is probably the best course of action.

On January 13th, the New Moon in Capricorn will be in your solar 3rd House. The New Moon invites us to start new and take a look at things with fresh eyes. With Capricorn in your 3rd House, you can lay a solid foundation for communication, day trips, or family gatherings. Think about what you’d like to accomplish, and Capricorn will help you achieve it.

On January 14th and 15th, the Sun will conjunct Pluto lending you extra self-confidence and courage. Build on the power of the New Moon and keep your fresh ideas flowing.

On January 19th through the 22nd, Mars will conjunct Uranus, providing you with a lot of energy. Use it will but know when to slow down. This aspect can make you feel nervous as well as energized.

The Sun enters Aquarius in your solar 4th House on the 19th. With Mercury and the Sun working together, you can make your ideas from earlier in the month into reality. Indulge fun, new ideas that take your life and thoughts in a new direction. Revamp your home, plan something fun with your family, you name it.

On January 20th through the 26th, Mars will square Jupiter. This aspect might make you somewhat out of control. You will certainly have energy, but it might be misplaced. Try to keep a level head or let your energy out in a constructive way.

On January 28th, Venus will conjunct Pluto, giving way to intense affection and possibly a secret love. This is also a good day to plan money matters.

On January 28th, the Full Moon in Leo will fall in your solar 10th House. This is a good time to consider the balance between your career and personal life. Find your courage and remember that you are the leader of all areas of your own life even if you feel beholden to someone else.

This might be a good time to put your foot down and create a better balance between your work and home life. Do what you need to do to be in control again.

On January 30th and 31st, the Sun will square Mars, creating an argumentative, stubborn atmosphere. Then on January 30th, Mercury enters retrograde. The month comes to a bumpy end, so make sure important things are squared away earlier in the month.

On the whole, this month centers around all areas of your family and your home. Take this opportunity to enjoy those you love and find new ways to show them you care.

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