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January 2021 Virgo Horoscope

The beginning of this month looks like it’s going to be fairly light-hearted for you, Virgo. The end of the month might get a little rocky, but it will pass.

Starting immediately on January 1st, your ruling planet, Mercury, will sextile Neptune. If you have artistic projects brewing or a sudden rush of inspiration strikes, go with it. This aspect is wonderful for creative ideas and communication, something you are never without, Virgo.

On January 4th, Mercury will then conjunct Pluto through the 5th. You might find yourself changing your mind suddenly due to Pluto’s penchant for upheaval. However, you will also be somewhat more flexible than normal during this time.

On January 6th, Mars enters Taurus in your solar 9th House. Your generally practical nature when it comes to education, philosophy, or profound subjects will take on a ponderous note. Perhaps you will start a long journey in a new educational field or go on a long trip abroad. Or, you might just begin a slow, steady exploration of philosophical subjects. No matter what calls to you during this time, Mars will be there for you.

There is some risk of depression due to the slow nature of Mars in Taurus. You might feel stuck or weighed down. Take time to reflect on the things you enjoy and value and remember to take care of yourself. You are by nature a very hard worker, so give yourself a break if necessary.

January 8th brings a plethora of changes. Mercury will square Mars making you somewhat argumentative. At the same time, Mercury enters Aquarius in your solar 6th House. You likely always have an idealistic approach to your work and try to think of new independent ways to accomplish things. You probably also get along well with those you work with and use your mind to help you. At this time, Mercury is supporting your innovative thoughts. Use the planet’s influence to communicate effectively with others you work with or serve.

Ever the diligent worker, Venus brings you an opportunity to take a break and have fun this month. Venus will enter Capricorn in your solar 5th House. While you always take a serious, dedicated approach to what you create – be it art, a beautiful garden, or even your children, Venus invites you to add a little love and sentiment to your creative endeavors. Capricorn will always keep you on the straight and narrow, but Venus will help you relax and have some fun this January. It will also help you express yourself more easily to your children. Let your affection flow easily during this time.

On January 9th, Mercury will be conjunct Saturn. This will only last through the 10th. Your thoughts will likely take on an enduring quality. Use this time to think through things, but don’t get so bogged down that you become depressed. If your thoughts do take you too far down the rabbit hole, seek out your loved ones for support.

On January 11th, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter, supporting your sharp wit and intelligence. On January 12th, Mercury will square Uranus, which might make you feel somewhat out of place.

On January 13th, the New Moon in Capricorn in your solar 5th House invites you to start fresh in all areas of creativity. Start a new project and find the joy in what you love. Sometimes the fun can fade out of our favorite hobbies. This is a good time to bring something back to life or start something you’ve never tried before. Capricorn ensures you’ll be able to lay a reliable foundation for any new endeavors. Take full advantage of the New Moon. You deserve some fun!

On January 19th, the Sun will enter Aquarius, indicating the start of that elevated, intellectual season. Falling in your solar 6th House, this will be a good time for you to take your fresh ideas earlier in the month and apply them to your daily work.

Taken in another way, you could use the Aquarius season as a time to stay in good health. You will likely be struck by new, innovative ways to exercise or feel healthy.

The month takes a rather introspective turn on January 28th for you, Virgo. The Full Moon in Leo falls in your solar 12th House. Take this time to find balance and comfort with yourself. Your secrets and past unhappiness might try to overwhelm you. Remember that you are in charge of every aspect of yourself – even the hidden ones.

Then, on January 30th, Mercury enters retrograde. Ensure you are organized and matters of communication and travel are set before this time to avoid worry.

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